Social Media and Fashion – The new Besties in Town

“Fashion is instant language”, says Miuccia Prada. Social media is like a teacher that is teaching this language in its own ways. From sharing our moments on Instagram with our all long lost friends to creating various stories with those cute Snapchat filters, social media is much more than this. Amidst all other things, one thing which social media has made everyone crave for is- fashion. I am telling you guys, social media and fashion are in love and are also going to celebrate valentines. 😜

Social Media and Fashion are #BFFs for reasons. Scroll down to know some.

1. Fashion Bloggers

We follow and have at least one favourite fashion blogger like That Boho Girl is everyone’s favourite. The daily updates, posts, and videos of all the fashion bloggers have made following the latest trends so easy. What could be better than to get inspiration for wearing outfits in a stylish way and also links to buy them? Also, you can follow the top fashion Instagram accounts from around the world.

I follow nearly ten topmost fashion bloggers, WBU?

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2. Blogs

“How to get the Alia Bhatt look from Dear Zindagi?” Most of us search this on our browsers, don’t we? The results we get are just mind blowing. Blogs related to Bollywood fashion, street style fashion and budget fashion have a great response on social media.

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3.  Fashion Apps

There are so many apps where you can always talk about fashion and gain knowledge and share your pictures, not only for likes but for genuine makeovers. These apps actually have made fashion both fun and serious. Okay, a little bragging! Have a look at our StyleDotMe app. Roposo and Wooplr are other popular fashion apps which help you shop and follow the fashion bloggers and trends.

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4. Online Stores

We are talking about those Instagram and Facebook entrepreneurial shops. They bring products that are unique, classy and fresh, depending upon the kind of stores. Their products are just a treat to us as they are not flooded in the market. They have taken fashion to another level with a very good response.

Image courtesy: Instagram store – Maharani Baug.

These four aspects of the fashion industry always revolve around social media. Social media is like a Godfather to them as Instagram and Facebook help them in gaining followers. These followers are the people who support them and inspire them to work harder. Social media and fashion have long term relationship goals, guys.

My fashion game mostly goes up because of the Instagram feeds and articles. You can share your social media and fashion story with us too.

Holaa. I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger and writer with a deep love for fashion and travelling. A commerce post graduate Symbian and an aspiring fashion stylist. A StyleDotMe content team member working for giving great reading experience on everything trending to all.

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