When the sun is at its peak and we keep on cursing it, it’s time to take some preventive measures than to have those sunburns and tanned skin. Especially for the college girls who are always anxious about their looks, be it any day or any season. So here are some untold ideas one should keep in mind while stepping out of the house this summers.

Five essential for every girl’s bag in summer:

  • A sunscreen of SPF 40 and above (ex: Neutrogena and other such brands)
  • A summer coat or a long cotton cloth to cover face
  • Facial/ Moisturising wipes (ex: Kara moisturising wipes)
  • Lip balm of SPF 20 (ex: Maybelline baby lips)
  • A compact (ex: Maybelline)

summer stylesummer stylesummers stylesummer essentialssummer essentials


 Why I think orange is the new black!

Black has always been the ‘all time favourite’ of people who tend to be fashionable, yet it becomes the least choice when summers arrive. There is no doubt that we can say orange is the new black!  The colour has been attracting so many beauty divas. Not only this, it fits with configuration whether you want to wear top, dress, salwar kurta or even saree. Orange blends beautifully with everything and anything you wear.

summers stylesummers style


Mix & Pick

It happens every time with me! And what about you? If your wardrobe is full of clothes and yet you find nothing! Summer has been amazingly defined as a season of excitement and thrill and yes you can wear those old clothes from your wardrobe. Pick the dresses that interest you least and then add some cool accessories to it. Either you make your pale jeans ripped or your Mumma’s suit dupatta to a beautiful scarf.

summers style

summers style

Wanna know more summer hacks? Read: 7 DIY Summer Hacks For Your Skin To Beat The Heat This Summers!

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