Rules to keep in mind while wearing a Suit

Do you think girls like snap backs and tattoos? No honey, just a good job, nice suits…and a guy wearing it the right way! Wearing a suit is not difficult but wearing it the right way is quite a task. Here are some simple rules that one must keep in mind while dressing up in a suit next… Follow these rules for wearing a suit and your suit game will always be on point.👆🏻


#Always Unbutton

Always make sure that you unbutton your blazer while sitting down. A buttoned blazer not only looks shabby but also spoils the suit. Don’t let your looks spoil your gentleman image.

unbutton suit when sitting


#Keep that button above the naval

The top button of a two-button (or the middle button of a three-button) should fall at or above the navel. This is purely to make you look exquisite. Don’t bother much about it.

right position for suit btton


#Check your Socks’ Length

Ensure that your socks are able to cover the gap between your pants and shoes when you sit. Bare legs look very shabby! Do not expose, pleaseee…

correct socks length for a suit

Also, go for the bright shades. They are in these days and white are a strict no!❌


#Keep the last button open

This can make or break your look. To carry a smart look, always keep the last button of your blazer open. Choose your look accordingly and carry it smartly.

last button should be open


#Concentrate on Contrasts

Choose a light colored square piece with a dark colored suit and vice versa. Color coordinating it doesn’t look appealing and steals away the charm of the suit.

light square with dark suit- rules for wearing a suit


#The Shoulder Rule

According to a gentleman’s guide, shoulders of the suit should hug yours. They are the hardest to fit and hence, immense care should be taken. Keep that shoulder game on point!

suits with fitted shoulders


#Shoes that compliment

Wear shoes that compliment your suit. Girls are always told, “always judge a gentleman by his shoes” and you sure wouldn’t want to get the first step wrong.

shoes that compliment a suit


#The Tie and Belt Game

The length of the tie should be such that it’s tip should be either at or just above the belt. It gives a classy look. Also, tie width= lapel width. Thin lapels are much in fashion these days.

The right tie length for a suit


#Your Blazer Length

The blazer should be long enough to cover your trouser zip and your butt. This takes care of the aesthetics and the visuals.

The correct blazer length


#Say NO to too many accessories

No doubt they look good but going overboard with them can completely ruin the look. Keep it simple and sophisticated!😌

No to many accessories


#The right cuff length

Shirt cuffs should not go over the hands. There should be at least an inch gap between the suit and shirt cuffs. If there isn’t, you’re doing  it wrong!

right cuff length for a suit


Keep these rules for wearing a suit in mind and “Suit up because personality isn’t the first thing people see.” 💁🏻

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