Top 5 Tips on How to Refashion your Plain Dress.

Fashion and fusion are something, I believe should go hand in hand, not because it is the leading trend or anything but because it is my fashion mantra. Everyone has their own fashion mantra, and so do I. I feel dressing is an art, and mix matching gives your clothes several options to be worn in several different ways, as always shopping can not be so friendly. It’s okay if you are confused and don’t know how to wear your same dress again and again. StyleDotMe and its team of style experts are always there to your rescue. So today, we give you few ways to refashion a plain dress in different fashionable ways.

Shopping is every girl’s best friend but Refashion is every girl’s soul mate

1. With an oversized shirt

Yes, oversized shirts are über cool and give a tremendous makeover to every plain dress. They look real fab and you won’t repent over this refashion attempt. It’s personally tried by me and I have not been short on compliments. Just any fabric oversized shirt with your any dress, and you have already nailed your look.


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2. With a cold or off-shoulder crop top

No, I am seriously not joking. A crop top with cropped shoulders can be worn with any length plain dress, to give it a unique look. Be confident and wear such top which goes with your dress, in a similar way as you would wear it with jeans. It would create an illusion of layering and chopped shoulders would not make it look, anything weird. You will love this look for sure.


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3. With a maxi shrug

Maxi shrugs are very smart and very sexy and they have that oomph factor, which stylizes one’s personality. Wear a maxi shrug or trench with you any length dress and see the transformation in your look. If you don’t have such shrug, you can tie knots in any of your plain dupattas near the shoulders and make it a shrug. Trust me, no one will be able to find out your trick.

with-a-maxi-shrug- refashion

Image Source: The Snob Journal.

4. With printed leggings

This is a look, which you must have seen somewhere for sure, and you must have adored it, but was unsure that how to carry out such a look. Well, we give you advice on it how to rock this look. If your dress is a short length or if it has high slits, pair it with a printed leggings. This will give a fusionist look to your outfit and your plain dress will be well-coordinated with your leggings. This look will give your personality a hype.


Image Source: Her Interest

5. With a formal blazer

This is just not for any corporate events but also an eye-catching look for the parties. The mixing of formal touch to your not so formal dress is a very creative idea and very simple to flaunt also.  You will be the most comfortable in this look, and for sure people will admire you. Sonam’s look is a proof by the way.


Image Source: Kitty Witch 9


We have just not simply browsed the net and used our unlimited data packs to fill in the words, but these ideas are genuinely tried by me and brought to you all as well.  We may be inspired by celebs or influencers, but it’s always good to have inspirations and so StyleDotMe does this work for you and brings tons of inspirations for you all the fashion lover.


Holaa. I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger and writer with a deep love for fashion and travelling. A commerce post graduate Symbian and an aspiring fashion stylist. A StyleDotMe content team member working for giving great reading experience on everything trending to all.

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