From shopping with your girlfriends on a Saturday afternoon
To spending for your girlfriends on the gifts that will go under the tree.
From shopping in pants
To shopping in sweats pants with a glass of wine.
From looking for a parking spot to step into the store,
To getting your package delivered at your home.
From getting a rectangular strip of paper as an invoice
To getting an email stating that the item has been shipped
From Monday being a dreadful day,
To Monday being the day when your weekend’s worth of online shopping arrives.We love to shop…
& that brings me to the topic of my blog ‘Why women buy things they know they’ll never wear’


1. ‘I am saving it’

Well, remember that gorgeous looking crop top you bought 1 month ago? Or that skirt which is hanging in the wardrobe since ages?

You love them both, but rather than wearing and slayin’ in it today, you end up saving it for later (for a holiday, or an event, which is not even existing for now)

So, please don’t buy it for those imaginary occasions, rather buy it for the real ones.

Clothes women buy, but never wear
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2. ‘I am not youthful enough to wear beautiful things.’

“None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm” ~Henry David.

So never give up on the enthusiasm, feel young, feel fantastic, be gorgeous, be beautiful.

Let everyone see the weird, quirky, flawed, imperfect and magical person that you are because let me tell you 60 can’t stop you from being beautiful.

women buy and never wear them
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3. ‘I just don’t feel like wearing it today’

‘This isn’t looking good on me today, maybe I can wear this tomorrow after I wash my hair’ Well and that tomorrow never come!! Don’t buy just because you liked it, try it, think about it, the wardrobe is already full so will it just add to the mess or can it be something that can be worn.

Clothes women buy, but never wear
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4. ‘Waiting to shed those last couple of pounds’

Tummy bulge?

Still fantasising about joining a gym, and doing all those crunches and cardio to shed that pound off?

Well, it’s time to accept the reality, maybe someday you will again manage to fit in that dress, but it’s a long way.

So accept the pound that you can’t shed, fall in love with your curves, and alter those dress, or dump them.

reasons women buy clothes but never wear
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5. Self-punishment.

Well, sometimes are wardrobes are stuffed with clothes, but all we wear are those old jeans and that one top. We buy so much and spend like a bomb, and then feel guilty about splurging like this. As a result we restrain ourselves from wearing them.

Clothes women buy, but never wear
Pic courtesy: Google.


So a simple question: Why deprive ourself of the things we already own?

Train yourself to be stylish every day, irrespective of what your schedule for the day is like. Even if you are only stepping out to walk your dog, look the best that you can. ‘Coz style is not about the way you dress, it’s all about the way you live.

‘Dress to stare at your own reflection when you walk by the store windows’


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