Raging trends of 2016 you can’t (shouldn’t) miss!

Catch them!  Catch them all. Gotta catch them all. CATCH THEM ALL. Here is a list  of raging trends of the year 2016!

1) Peasant blouses


Look whose back. Back again. Peasant blouses from the 70’s are here and they are going to stay for a while this time. Splurging on this one embroidered beauty is totally worth it.

2) Tassels


The tassel trend is catching like a fire everywhere. Be it Milan fashion week or New York fashion week, Tassels are turning heads on runways everywhere. Skirts, dresses, accessories, home decor and even shoe department are swearing by this trend.

3) Off-shoulder rage


From Kardashian sisters to the Duchess of Cambridge, we have seen most of the celebrities flooring the cold shoulder look with a style. A perfect trend for a perfect summer.

4) Culottes


It is one of the ‘must haves’ in your wardrobe for year 2016. These cropped half pants is one of the latest trend this season which says sassy, classy and a hot assy. It is a bit crafty to combine with but once you put the Alohomora charm on it, then this world is your runway. 😉

5) Knotted tops

Easy-Breezy-19-433x650 knotted-t-shirt-style

If your fashion game is strong then you probably are aware of this charming trend but if you don’t know then KNOT away my friend because these adorable knots are the new buzz in the F-world.

6) Overalls


Cute? Check! Chic? Check! Comfortable? Check! Trendy? Check! Need we say more.

7) Kimono


Its like a cape for your super outfit. An upgrade from traditional Japaneses kimonos this trend is like leather jacket for summer as it goes with almost everything and makes you look super chic and super interesting.

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