There is a lot of technology involved when it comes to online fashion retail. But with sites like abof, it is not difficult to decipher it. Abof is introducing powerful features with specific applications to ensure that the customer enjoys an immersive and assuring shopping experience. Therefore, from personalized feed that helps you explore new looks to tools that determine exact fits, the technologies that drive fashion are versatile, smart and make things much simpler.

The 3D Change Room

abof online fashion

The biggest uncertainty of shopping online lies in the fear that you will get an ill fitting piece. Abof’s 3D change room tool uses state of the art imaging tech to fix this problem. The main aim of the feature is to figure out the perfect fit. Thus, you can virtually try out clothes on an online avatar whose measurements you edit to reflect yours. Deployed in collaboration with UK based Metail, this powerful fitting tool is one of the prominent features of abof’s shopping experience. Abof’s 3D change room feature is one of those fun features that customers can try out all day. It can be used as a discovery tool to try out new eclectic outfits. Probably the ones you stayed away from in a regular shopping trip.


Visual Search

abof online fashion

Visual search is your best bet for a more accurate result of something you have seen and wish to buy online. Abof’s visual search feature is powered by the Cloud Sight technology and with this tool, all you need to do is just take a picture of the clothes you like, upload and wait for the results to see if the abof inventory stores it. Hence, you have the luxury of finalising your wardrobe from the comfort of your home.


Personalized Feed

abof online fashion

Creating engaging content is all about providing context that a site visitor can relate to. Most fashion retail content in Indian websites is a full frontal sales pitch. The blaring digits and discounts overshadow the personal and unique aspect of fashion. Hence, abof’s approach to content steers clear from this much-used trope. With the use of interactive platforms and smart data technology, the personalized ‘What’s Hot’ feed provides content based on a user’s preferences. Style tips and product recommendations provide the connection between this customized content and the retail aspect. Apart from this, abof features fashion news on celebs and updates on the trends that are hot from all over the world. With such a medley of topics, abof provides an immersive fashion landscape for visitors through smart content.


One-Touch Returns and 24 Hour Refunds

abof online fashion

After-sales experience is where a lot of websites lose their customers. Abof has an competitive edge here. It has features and assurances that address these concerns. A one-touch returns feature helps in simplifying a complicated procedure for a lot of other sites. 24-hour refunds ensure there is no longer an uncertain wait for the refundable money.

Thus, technology and smart content is being interwoven to make abof stand apart from other fashion retailers. From accurate shopping to search tools, abof provides a complete end-to-end experience that makes them come back for more. It’s customized feed that helps customers explore new styles is a one of its kind feature.



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