MS DHONI- The Master of Unconventional Hairstyles

We have relied on him innumerable times in the field and inevitably on his tactics too. The Untold Story of M.S. Dhoni may have revealed many secrets about his personal life but nothing has been said about his style. He has been a style icon in ways more than one and when it comes MS Dhoni hairstyles, Dhoni leads the league. From long tassels to going completely bald, he has tried it all and… Boy! If you haven’t noticed them, you surely gotta do it now!


The Long Tassels

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The new Indian captain, we saw him during the World T20 in long sleek hair. Sported 10 years back in 2006 by this legendary cricketer, this look became a major trend in those days. Straight, middle parted hair, tiny moustaches and the body of a hulk – nobody could stop the girls from drooling over him. *Some fan-girling happening here*


The Crew Cut

Dhoni hairstyles

Our Captain Cool decided to keep it simple with this gentleman haircut. Not only did he look extra appealing but also mature. One could see the age factor on his face as he spotted a white beard with the cropped hair. This black and white combination gelled up well and raised the style quotient.

Maybe our captain just got inspired by the angry young man look of Amitabh Bacchan. *Thinks hard*


The Bald Look

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Mr. Captain surprised everyone with his all clean look. As happy faces woke up to the victory of the World Cup, they also woke up to another style of our superhero. People said that it was a promise that he fulfilled because India won the world cup but no one knows the truth though. Whatever the reason, Dhoni did give the men the courage to carry the bald look smartly.

The Mohawk Style

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No style or cut got as trending as this one. Spotted during the IPL season of 2013, this was the quirkiest look that we ever spotted our hero from the cricket world in. Crazy trends followed soon after with not only the common public but also eminent personalities going for this style. A style statement as strong as this is hard to find in the world of hair styling.

The Side Swept Hair

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The most recent of all his looks, we spotted this simple hairdo of the captain during the recently concluded World T20. A quintessential nerdy look it has been an inspiration to innumerable young guys these days. Gelled up hair parted to the side with little spikes is the trending charisma. It is hard to not notice them….after all, it’s cuteness overloaded. 😛


No matter how hard we try, we can never deny the dynamism of this man; be it on the cricket field or in the field of style. He has made unconventional hair styles trendy and his fashion decisions have captured headlines just like his on-field stunts.

He has been an icon both on and off field and kudos to Captain Cool for that!

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