“She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails.”

In a world where women have continually been doubted and raised fingers upon, a few of them have risen against the tide and made their mark. They have broken stereotypes and proved that you don’t need a man to define your identity in this patriarchal world. These women have overcome every hurdle in their path to become the best in their field.

Here are just a few of the most inspirational Indian women that have completely taken the world on their heels:


What started as just a blog for her became India’s fastest growing fashion and lifestyle platform for women in no time. Priyanka’s dedication and will to create a difference has made her one of the leading social media entrepreneurs. Ever so stylish, she inspires us to build a life, not just a career and to “POP” out of the clutter.

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In a society where girls are expected to be docile and meek, she breaks free to style herself the “Boho” way. Her style is a unique fusion of the Indian and western world. It is a breath of fresh air in the monotony of retail fashion. Critically acclaimed for her awe-inspiring style, Kritika’s Instagram handle @thatbohogirl has a huge fan following.

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Boundaries don’t stop this small-town girl. When most actors in Bollywood are wary of experimenting with their art, she left a flourishing career in India to take her art to the international stage. This bold and beautiful girl has the world going gaga over her style, and we couldn’t be prouder.

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Forbes has named her the 2nd most powerful woman in the world. Why not?  She has managed to climb the corporate ladder and is the CEO of PepsiCo. With her pearl necklace always in place, no one has made managing a multinational look so effortless and stylish.

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From wielding the tennis racquet to clinch a victory for the nation to marrying a man from across the border, she is unstoppable. You will turn into an even bigger fan of her, once you check out her impeccable outfits. Her elaborate and traditional wedding suits are to die for!

sania mirza



She believes in living her life in stories, and her story isn’t anything short of incredible. A leading newspaper has called her ‘the biggest storyteller of India’s digital space’. Her news portal YourStory is one of a kind, and so is her style statement.



Thousands aspire to her style and poise, but few know that she has battled depression. Daughter of a national-level badminton player and a state-level herself, she dared to pursue the Bollywood dream. She is the ultimate style diva, looking ever so glamorous.

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Enigmatic and Individualistic, Anamika has an aesthetic craftsmanship that is respected by all in the industry. Her designs are a symbolism of her belief that one should stay unique and free-spirited. She believes in staying out of the league and hence, her couture is refreshingly contemporary. She is an epitome of humbleness and an inspiration for all the young designers.

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In a culture where boys are expected to fulfil their parents’ dreams, Ameera gave up her American green card to fulfil her father’s aspirations. She took chances, struggled but came out with flying colours. The MD of Metropolis Healthcare Limited, her company has grown from a single lab to a chain of 130 diagnostic laboratories. She likes keeping it simple when it comes to style and loves minimalist fashion.

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Like the diamonds in her designs, she is a gem in the world of style. She is a perfect example of being successful at a young age. She has won many internationally recognised awards and accolades. Suhani’s dressing sense is amongst the best, and her confidence reminds us to always keep our head high.

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These women are proof that nothing is impossible in this world. It just takes a little courage to stand up against every non-believer and prove yourself. Build your own castles and don’t let anything dim the light that shines within.

“After all, be the HEROINE of your life, not the VICTIM.”

You can find me getting excited over little things in the corridors of LSR. Reading is pure unadulterated pleasure to me. Inquisitive by nature, I love debating on newly acquired insights with my friends.

You can find me getting excited over little things in the corridors of LSR. Reading is pure unadulterated pleasure to me. Inquisitive by nature, I love debating on newly acquired insights with my friends.

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