‘Beach please’

So, when travelling down to south,

To the long stretches of unspoilt sand, and a place that has a unique mixture of sun, sand and spices, A place that has intertwined the Portuguese and the Indian culture in the most astounding way.

A state that is the party capital of India,

When in Goa, it is a must ‘to SHOP’

‘Cause Goa has it all, from junk jewellery to gothic accessories,

From hippie clothing to formal clothes.

Goa has a lot to offer:

Market in Goa #1. Anjuna market, Goa

Must visit Anjuna flea market, a market organised every Wednesday in the beach town of Anjuna. This place is a perfect blend of Kashmiri, Gujarati and Tibetian shops. Invaded by Indians as well as foreigners, the stalls at the market sell a variety of Goa’s foreign denizen designed clothes and accessories. From hair bands to toe rings this market offers everything.
Well, and if you get tired of shopping then, fret not there’s a fleet of restaurants, shacks, bars and more that surround the market, so you are in a good place:)


Market in Goa
Pic credits: Google.

Disclaimer: Learn to bargain before you step in, or you might end up paying more than the material deserves.

Market in Goa#2. The night bazaar at Arpora, Goa

Well after Wednesday it’s time to visit the Saturday special market held at Arpora.With everything from spices & hammocks to textile and handicrafts on display, this place can leave you mesmerised.

Markets in Goa
Pic credit: Google

This sprawling market is divided into 3 area for convenience purpose:-

The lower field of kiosks, this area is well stocked with all the fashion apparel, since the market is bustling with people, it will be virtually impossible to look out at every shop, hence the list of ‘must visit st’

Fashion & Apparel:
•Goa Magic (see their WUG page)

•Cosmos Tribe (see their WUG page)
•Free Spirit
Accessories & Bags:
•Cool Kitsch Bags by Purple Jungle
•Cocoroots (See their WUG Page)
•Light of Creation (See her WUG Page)
The middle field: this is the heart of the market, with a central stage to showcase all the performances and the proximal areas lined with beer, wine bars and food stalls. So when tired of shopping Arpora has all the means to rejuvenate you.

The upper field: this area houses international designers & Boutique house bar, serving you fresh cocktails and also makes you groove to the beats, with their live DJ sets and the magic tequila cocktail.

Market in Goa#3. The Beachside designer village, Ashwem.

Finally, a place very different from the above-mentioned flea markets. With international as well as national designers displaying their artwork in huge tents, in the shade of coconut tree, on the Ashwem beach.

Markets in Goa
Pic credit: Google.


So when in Goa, which flea market would you like to visit?


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