Long slits are so much in trend and styling them is a super confusing task. I’ve created 2 looks with the top which is super versatile and belong to 2 different genres.


This is a very casual yet a dressy a look. I paired my top with this jean and my favourite shoes that go amazing with this outfit. You can also accessorize this with a casual chain or any statement neck piece. But, I like it plain as it is more casual and can be worn to college as well.

long slit look long slit look long slit look long slit look long slit look



This is a completely different look from the first one. It has a pinch of Indo-western look in it. I have paired the long slit top with this very colourful wrap around skirt. To enhance this look I accessorized it using my boho neck piece, a nose ring and these very pretty handcuffs. I wore my boots under them to complete this look. Twirling around in this skirt feels amazing, totally like a boho princess. : P

long slit look long slit look long slit fashion look long slit look long slits fashion


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Hope you guys liked this look. If yes do give it a thumbs up. 😉


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