Gone are the days when people used to wear clothes of their perfect fit. The latest trend is to go big. The over-sized trend includes clothing and other accessories that are larger than the normal size. The trend originated in 1920’s and since then, it has expressed different themes during past decades.

Masculinity played a large role in communicating oversized fashion.  From super-flare palazzo to baggy pants to blazers that are too big, this trend is in vogue like never before. If worn in the right way, it will give you the right chic look.

Not only in women, but this trend is becoming popular for men’s fashion too. Celebrities, bloggers, college students, everyone is going big this season.

 Let’s Ditch the perfect size this season!


Don’t let go of that old man’s shirt/t-shirt; hang on! It’s the sexiest thing to wear these days. Sexy bustier tops or backless blouses are out of favor at the moment. What’s in demand these days is a bolder, bigger shirt.

As you can see in the first picture that a model is wearing a blue gingham shirt with big sleeves and black skinny jeans. In the second one, you can find them wearing over-sized plain/graphic t-shirts styled in 3 different ways.


Denim is a staple clothing that you all must be having. Let’s make it interesting by wearing an over-sized denim jacket or pants. You can really experiment with it For e.g- wearing a baggy denim jacket with boyfriend jeans with rolled up sleeves or you can even wear over-sized denim shirt as an off-shoulder.

Rihanna, who is known for her quirky sense of fashion stepped in New York in a hugely over-sized denim jacket and wide jeans. She opted for a belt around her waist to give it a shape. She let her jacket slip down and wore it as an off-shoulder.


Not only in clothing, but over-sized fashion is for accessories too. Be it handbags or sunglasses or necklaces, over-sized accessories has become a statement these days.

A famous Delhi blogger Kritika Khurana shows us how to wear big sunglasses. You will love the way  she paired up her pink sunglasses along with her denim dress. Huge sunglasses are a rage this season and you should definitely try them.

Giant bags were all over the Fall runways. This season, huge tote bags, hobos are in trend. So if you often find yourself needing to carry a ton of stuff in daily life, this trend is best for you.
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