No matter how much we’d love to stay in our jammies all day long, we eventually have to step into the outside world. To survive in a civilized society, we often have to dress appropriately. One of the most common clothing item found in wardrobes of all ages and genders are Jeans. And it hasn’t been long since the Jeggings came into existence.

Here are all the pros and cons you’ll need to make your decision of choosing between Jeans and Jeggings.


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1. Endless options

From Skinny to Bootcut, Ripped to stone-washed, Black to blue, there is a whole world of Jeans waiting to be explored by you.

2. Multifaceted

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, they can pull off any look. Whether it’s a casual date or an official meeting, they will never disappoint.

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Perfect business casual outfit!

3. Permanence

They are made of a sturdy cotton twill textile that makes them last longer. They are also the perfect fit for couch potatoes who hate laundry day. Its advised not to wash them, cause the more you wash, the more they tear.



1. Putting and taking them off

We all have done the “pant dance”, if you haven’t, you might be a wizard. But for us muggles, getting ready in 5 minutes is just not happening.

2. Denim is Restrictive

Try not to go for an impromptu hike, or any sports related activities if you’re wearing one. They are like that old needy friend who just won’t give you any space to breathe.

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3. Small Pockets

While wearing them you will probably have to carry your sling, since they offer less to no space. It seems like the designers have a personal grudge against women, cause even after repeated demands there is no supply.

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1. Affordable

Who doesn’t have a love for a bargain? Jeggings are generally priced at a lower range, which might be one of the reasons for them spreading like wild fire.

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2. Variety

Jegging feels as good as they look, and come in a variety of colors to match every top you own.  When found the right kind, they can be so comfortable, that you can take a nap in them. 

3. Bootylicious

Bring out your inner Beyonce and have everyone turn their heads. A pair of jeggings will give you that extra push even if you haven’t stepped into the gym in months.

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1. No Pockets

While jeans give us the space to put our petty change or even keep our phones from falling down for a few seconds, a pair of jeggings do not provide this luxury.

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2. Camel toe

Yes, ladies, there is a constant fear at the back of our heads whenever one is wearing jeggings, of having that hideous camel toe. This is something that repels majority, but some fearless women don’t have a care in the world and let nothing come between themselves and comfort.

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3. Short-lived

They might come cheap but are not as long-lasting as we’d like them to be. Make sure to purchase a high-end brand so that you don’t meet up with an accident while you’re waltzing around with your loved ones.

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It doesn’t matter which one you choose, you’ll always think the grass is greener on the other side. It’s like they say ‘coming out of the frying pan and into the fire’. Jeans are almost inseparable from our closet, Here are types of jeans every one of us should own.



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