Shopping on Instagram? Sounds crazy, but it is one of the hottest new trends online. So, with the new shopping button introduced by Instagram recently, the process has become quite effortless. You can certainly transform your closet by just shopping here!

If you love shopping as much as us, whip out your phone and check out the best of Instagram’s shopping community-

1. Missamore clothing

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You must have seen your favorite fashion blogger wearing Missamore. From tops to dresses to bags, Missamore has got everything sorted. Furthermore, the prices and the quality are to die for. Thus, Missamore clothing has completely revolutionized the idea of shopping western wear online.‘The 99 store’ on their website will definitely put a big smile on your face!
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2. Style fiesta

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Style fiesta is curated by Masoom Minawala, a fashion blogger-turned CEO of this fashion portal. It is an online destination for fashion jewellery & accessories. It offers both imitation and designer accessories for all your fashion needs. So, if you’re looking for statement pieces such as pendant necklaces, earring studs, bracelets, watches and a lot more, then go check them out right away!
Instagram handle-stylefiesta


3. The Hype

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You must have already heard a lot about this portal curated by Kritika Khurana, a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Building a new outlook towards fashion, The Hype offers a large variety of curated products. If you love Bohemian fashion, we’re sure you’ll be love-struck with their exclusive collection of Bohemian bags,  jewelry, sunglasses and much more. So what are you waiting for? Head over to their store right now!
Instagram handle- the_hypeofficial


4. Presa flats

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An entire store dedicated to super affordable yet stylish flats? Wow!! Presa provides you with designs that are basic but exclusive and easily blend in with your style. You definitely don’t need to pull out those simple strap sandals anymore, you can now go out in your flats too, even on the regular days!
Instagram handle-presaflats


5. The Bling stores

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The bling stores, as their name suggests, provides everything bling at super affordable prices. You can find fashion accessories, apparels and sunglasses in their collection. Thus, it is an online fashion platform that provides you with beautiful accessories to help you transform your everyday outfit.
Instagram handle- the_bling_stores


6. Krafted with happiness

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Krafted with Happiness has a lovely mixture of happiness and quirkiness with awesome products at prices that will definitely make you a shopaholic. So if you love to stand out by adding interesting accessories to your outfit, we’re sure you’ll love Krafted with Happiness.
Instagram handle- kraftedwithhappiness


7. Nakhrewaali

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Nakhrewali brings you Indian handcrafted jewellery. Curated by Sakhi Lugani, it supports local craftsmanship. It brings back those local Handicrafts which have recently been fading away and helps them flourish. So, we’re sure you’ll love their exclusive collection. Maybe, have a look?
Instagram handle- nakhrewaali


8. Vastra by milonee

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Based in Mumbai, Vastra provides a unique collection of bags and clothes. They use tie and dye technique for their dresses. So, if you wish to stand out of the crowd by wearing fusion clothing, then Vastra is your one stop shopping destination!
Instagram handle- vastrabymilonee


9. Accessorize surprise

Accessorize surprise provides you with an varied collection of imitation jewelry and bridal jewelry at stealing prices. Hence, with a huge variety, the pieces here are exclusive and extraordinary. An ideal destination where you surely get catch hold of one-of-its-kind fashion jewelry of the season online.
Instagram handle- accessorize_surprise


10. Bellofox

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From the most simplistic designs to the extreme flair, you can find everything under one roof at Bellofox. It is a one stop shopping portal that helps you pick up the trend-driven jewelry & all-time favorite accessories for women. Therefore be it sunglasses or contemporary fashion jewelry (including a wide variety of in-trend chokers), Bellofox is the ultimate shopping destination for everything you love!
Instagram handle- bellofox

Scrolling through these shops already? Let us know which one’s your favorite?


I’m a 20 year old pursuing BBA. I cross my heart and confide that I am bipolar, a part of me screams fashion while the other screams art and creativity. I’m forever curious for almost everything.

I'm a 20 year old pursuing BBA. I cross my heart and confide that I am bipolar, a part of me screams fashion while the other screams art and creativity. I'm forever curious for almost everything.

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