Wearing the same t-shirt all year round can get really annoying. Moreover, old Tshirts usually just lie in a forgotten corner. There are few ways you could clean up some closet space and also get those old pieces to use. You could either donate, recycle or upcycle them. Upcycling old Tshirts are quite a phenomenon these days. With celebrities like the Jenners rocking new T-shirt styles every season, upcycling is just what you need for a change.

Here are 5 DIY t-shirt ideas to upcycle your basics:

1. The Lace Up Tshirt

One of the most popular trend this season has been the lace up Tshirt. These are grungy, edgy and comfy. With brands like Forever21 retailing these Tshirts, here is an easy way you can get this look with just a few supplies and a little effort.

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2.The Crop Top

Crop tops are really a summer necessity. It gives you a perfect blend of fun and summer comfort. These are also one of the easiest ways to upcycle your t-shirt. All you have to do is cut them according to your desired design. As simple as that!

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3. Tie Dye

What is summer without colourful clothes! Tie-dyed Tshirts are brilliant fun and perfect to pair with a pair of blue jeans or leggings. All you need for this DIY are a white Tshirt, some rubber bands and fabric dyes. That’s all you need to spice up your everyday top.

DIY Tshirt Ideas
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4. Cut out

These are the best way to show a little skin, feel sexy and yet be pretty basic. All you need for this DIY are a pair of scissors and a Tshirt of your choice. Trace the pattern you want and then just chop. This is one of the most simple yet chic ways to rock your top wear.

DIY Tshirt Ideas
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5. Ripped

Instagram is filled with these ripped Tshirts these days. With the Jenner sisters rocking ripped tops in all shapes and size, these are definitely in. Also, you need not cash in to get in trend. All you need is a Tshirt, a pair of scissors and a knife and all you have to do is release your tensions and anger on the cloth.

DIY Tshirt ideas
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So, this summer try these DIYs and be lit!

I’m a 19 year old fashion ehthusiast. Physicist by day and an artist by night.
I love experimenting, researching and creating trends. 🖖🏻

I'm a 19 year old fashion ehthusiast. Physicist by day and an artist by night. I love experimenting, researching and creating trends. 🖖🏻

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