None of us are unaware of the bikini issues every Indian girl has to go through before she actually decides to wear one! No matter how many times it’s flaunted on the silver screen or the ramp, wearing a Bikini is still a question. There are innumerable taboos an Indian girl has to face even if it’s her favourite choice on the beach. Most of the times it’s the #LOGKYAKAHENGE mania. But there are other issues too. Let’s explore and see if we can solve some of them.


Log Kya Kahenge should be ignored

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This has always been an issue for most Indian girls! We, due to the burden of culture, have always been found indecisive in almost every situation. Of course, wearing a bikini is no exception to that. It’s always more about what ‘they’ will say rather than what ‘I’ think is correct! Sad but true.



NO body shaming

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This is an issue throughout the world, but in India it’s massive. If you are of a certain shape or size you are preached to dress in a certain way. It’s ridiculous how even in 2017, we body shame even about a Bikini! The idea needs to change ASAP.



Tanning is good

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Indian women and their cliches about tanning are famous everywhere. I am really clueless about why do most Indians focus on whitish being the only beautiful skin tone? Every complexion is beautiful and a golden tan is always sexy! Don’t you agree. So please don’t quit that bikini only cause you will look “Kaali” afterwards.



stand up against eave teasing

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Now this is a major issue in India for which most Indian women think it’s unsafe to wear a bikini. How sad can that be! We girls can’t even dress up freely in our own country. People really need to change their mindset and not preach girls to wear differently.



being independent is important

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I don’t understand why do Indian girls think it to be their soul responsibility to listen to their husbands or BFs! This increases so much that even on a beach vacation, these women fear wearing a bikini just cause their ‘better’ half din’t approve of it. I mean, c’mon girls at least wearing something should not be dictated.



Indian market lacks good bikini stores

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Now this is a universal issue but for Indian women it’s also an issue cause bikini shopping is a tough job here. We aren’t spoiled with enough choices to choose from. Also, since wearing a bikini is always a question so our wardrobes have very few good ones to choose from. However, the issue of choice can be solved if we ask the fashion experts at StyleDotMe to help us with it.



you cannot make everyone happy

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Yes Girls! We gotta realise that it’s not possible to make the society happy all the time. Moreover why should we even try to do that. We are independent  individuals who have equal right to enjoy. No one can preach us what to wear and what  not to. However, when it comes to fashion advices, StyleDotMe is always there to help.

So, girls, you are all beautiful and wearing a Bikini is not a crime.


A pharmaceutical engineer from Kolkata who is extremely passionate about everything related to the fashion industry and loves to blog about them.
Website :

A pharmaceutical engineer from Kolkata who is extremely passionate about everything related to the fashion industry and loves to blog about them. Website :

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