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It’s time to experiment- Lavender, the new color of the season.

Keep the basics colors aside and break the monotony with this iconic romantic shade.I t might seem like a challenge to experiment with such a pale shade but we’re here to help you. We just can’t deny the fact what this pale yet so feminine color does miracles to an outfit. Lavender is a minimalistic shade but definitely a game changer this year. Gear up to add some unique shades of this beautiful color to your wardrobe ASAP!

1.The Classic Lavender

Let’s start with this iconic beauty Kate Middleton making a statement with this beautiful lavender dress. If you’re planning to wear something elegant yet so classy then here is a perfect example.

2.Quirk Alert

Co-Ords with chunky accessories is the right combination to slay a lavender look. The whole outfit looks incredible quirky and sexy at the same time.

3.Casual Or Formal

Don’t underestimate this Oh! so soothing color as it has the charm to make any outfit fabulous for every occasion.Say goodbye to the basic formals and add some colors like Lavender to your wardrobe.This sophisticated color makes every outfit look comfy and stylish.

4.Suede It

We just can’t deny how exquisite this color looks on suede. This Lavender jacket should definitely be on your list of wardrobe essentials to get a perfect pastel look.

5.Not Just For Spring

Don’t consider it as a Spring/Summer color as it looks absolutely soothing on winter clothing. The color gives a warm and cozy look to the outfit while the eye-catching combination is difficult to resist.

6.Blend It Well

It might be challenging to carry such a color but not difficult as it blends well with basic shades. You’ll be awestruck to see how chic and stylish it looks paired with a color scheme of black or white.

7.The POP effect

A touch of pop always does wonders for an outfit and this shade definitely brings up the style quotient. Lavender works beautifully when you have to highlight any particular clothing or accessory in your outfit.

8.The Versatile Effect

Lavender is not just for your western wear rather it goes with your traditional Indian wear as well.It unbelievable how it makes an outfit look so dreamy as you just can’t take your eyes off it.

Images credits: www.pinterest.com and www.tumblr.com




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