Is Pink the new Black?

“It isn’t just a colour, it’s an attitude.”

Elegant or voguish, neutral or graphic, basic or neon, pink is the ultimate head turner today! Summer, autumn, winter or spring, it has something for every season. From the brightest hot pink lip shade to that dull baby pink basic top, the thought of all those shades brings a happy smile to your face. Bye bye black!


Who are we to deny it when the authority itself says it! Oh yeah! Pan tone has declared Rose quartz the color of 2016. It’s classy, chic and trendy. Completely in vogue, you gotta catch em all! Be it lip shades, bags, chokers, nail paints, foot wears or dresses.


From Aishwarya Rai Bacchan at Cannes to Taylor Swift at her album launch, the cotton candy pinch has surely got all our celebs addicted! The colour itself is so diverse that it matches every skin tone. A tinge of tenderness, some childhood memories, and those gaga feels, pink brings it all.



The pinky paradises that girls are generally brought up in–they are no more their castles. “Hands up” say the guys as they proudly show off those pink t-shirts and shirts they just bought from Aeropostale and Tommy Hilfiger. The color is so much in vogue these days that it is an obligatory pick-a-tick for boys too. 😉



Champagne pink? Or Piggy pink?  I think Pale pink. Or maybe Baby pink? Of course, there’s hot pink and the lavender pink. Not to forget Ms. Cotton Candy. The Pink bubble surely has a shade that matches every outfit perfectly. The blush on and the lip color, that studded sling, or that necklace your friend gifted you, or maybe, your pretty H&M scarf…a look into your wardrobe will make you realize that this color is indispensable.


Nothing can beat black when it comes to being the darkest colour but pink is surely tough competition when it comes to being the most sassy. Don’t be surprised when you ask your magic mirror about the trendiest shade and  it answers with a loud “Pink, your majesty.”

After all, It’s time that we looked on the “pink side of life” .

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