5 Hair And Skin Care Tips To Keep You Safe This Holi

HOLI – The most vibrant and energetic festival is already here. We all are waiting to groove on the Bollywood Holi numbers (the latest being, ‘Badri Ki Dulhania’ title song). We can’t wait to play with colours, water and enter those exotic Holi parties. But before going out to play with the colours and snow sprays, it is crucial to take care of our hair and skin. So, here are a few hair and skin care tips for Holi to save you from long baths and a lot of scrubbing.

If you don’t want to spend hours in the shower after the party, you must read this.

1. Champi with oil

It is very essential to apply oil on your hair before you go out there. Make sure that oil enters the roots of the hair and every strand of the hair is damped with oil. If you are heading to any grand Holi party, then use non-sticky hair oil which won’t make you look like a #champu. Not only for the hair but for the skin also, it is vital to apply body oil. Oil ensures that colour gets washed away from the body easily.

hair care and skin care tips pre-Holi


2. Bun ka Fun

Don’t ever let your hair loose while playing Holi. This is the biggest hair mistake one can do. This will lead to large hair fall once you will wash them. So, tie your hair in a chic bun to flaunt a classy look as well as to protect them. This also ensures that your hair is not tangled and also safe from colours.


3. Cover it up

You can also cover your hair with a stole in a stylish way if you are heading for those dry Holi parties. You can try a ponytail or any hairstyle of your choice and cover it with a stole or bandana. Both are equally stylish and safe ideas to protect your hair from colour.


4. Wear fully covered clothes

Not only old, but you should also wear fully covered clothes so that colours do not get directly to the skin. These are great skin care tips to protect from harmful colours. Cover up as much as you can. If you want a glowing and radiant skin read: Your Three-Step Guide to Radiant Skin

hair and skin care tips for holi


5. Apply herbal lip balms

You must also take care of the lips as the harmful colours can also hamper your lip texture. Do not go out of your house without applying three to four layers of herbal lip balm so that colour can be removed easily.

These were some of the best hair and skin care tips for Holi celebrations. It is very necessary to take care of our hair and skin because it can lead to immense hair fall and rashes on the scalp and the skin.


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