Makeup is a medium to enhance your look which has become an essential part of self-grooming for young girls. If you are a  makeup lover and a Gigi fan there is a good news for you!! Gigi Hadid collaborates with Maybelline for a limited edition Makeup Collection. Through this collection, Gigi Hadid portrays her life as she sees it.

The Makeup Collection basically has three signature looks – East Coast Glam and West Coast Glow and Jetsetter Palette

  • East Coast Glam Collection

Having a vibe of New York, the collection focuses on Gigi Hadid’s signature style.

Nude lips and fierce cat eye being the key features.

The makeup is all chic and smudgy. The collection features all neutral tones. It has two eye contour pallets, both having warm and cool shades. The collection also consists a special eye contour brush having narrow and flat sides. Also a black liquid liner for edgy cat eyes and smudgy gel liner.

For Skin, the makeup collection has two tinted primers and a ” Liquid Strobe” highlighter.  Also, the collection provides us with three matte lipstick shades – light nude called the McCall, named after Gigi’s Pal and a mauve -y purple.

  •  West Coast Glow

Gigi Hadid West Coat Collection is a bit fancy.

It consists of eyeshadows with beachy shades, a nude gel eyeliner, a mascara to highlight the eyelashes to achieve a glam appearance, to add to it is the golden gloss and three poppy matte lipsticks having the tints and shades of orange and red.

  • The Jetsetter Palette

The Jetsetter Palette is a travel makeup palette having all the makeup essentials needed when you catch a flight. It gives a very soft and light makeup appearance. The palette consists of a volumizing mascara, lip balm and cheek products and concealers.

Overall, all the three collections have very different makeup essentials useful for creating different looks.

If you the bold and chic one prefer the East Coat Glam if the subtle one then goes the West Coat glow, and if you travel a lot and cannot live without makeup and touch-ups you should buy the JetSetter Palette. If not all of these three, you should buy one definitely for being a Gigi fan.


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