You all know that trend keeps on changing every year especially when it comes to women’s clothing. Some of the trends come and go but some are like forever. Not everyone likes to do experiments with fashion. For e.g:- Every girl won’t dare to buy a purple lipstick or maybe a dress with ruffles. Most of the people want to invest in clothing which they can wear again and again. So here we are, with a few fashion items that you can wear always.

1. Iconic white shirt 

  • A white silk shirt will never go out of trend. It will be there in fashion forever. The white shirt is used by most of the people as a formal wear. It is quintessential in your wardrobe.
  • As you can see in this pic that a white shirt looks so sexy on women even though it’s so simple.
  • Also, a white shirt is a must-have in men’s wardrobe too.

2. Trenchcoat

A trench coat is the ultimate fashion investment to make. It’s adaptable, trans-seasonal and suits all the shapes and sizes. It’s a must-have in your wardrobe and if you don’t have it, don’t hesitate of buying it. It will never go out of style.

  • Trench coats look so cool in winters.They keep you so warm and at the same time makes you look stylish too.
  • Alternatively, you can wear your trench coat as a dress as Sonam Kapoor did in this picture.

3. A black dress aka LBD

A black dress is probably the most iconic piece of clothing in fashion history. Be it for formal or an informal gathering, a black dress makes you look chic effortlessly. A black dress is a must-have in your wardrobe and you can wear it anytime without fearing that it will look out of fashion.

  • The black colour is every lady’s favourite because it makes them look slimmer. A black dress is a must-have in your wardrobe be it in any silhouette or of any length. The trend of wearing black trend is going on since ages. It can never go out of trend

4. Forever Denim

Again, denim is in trend since ages and will be there in trend forever. Denim jeans are a very common example. Denim jeans are worn by everyone on a daily basis. One more example can be a denim jacket or a denim skirt.

  • Our Bollywood celebrity actress Kangna Ranaut in an all denim looks on the airport. She is wearing denim shirt along with denim jeans. 
  • Denim jackets are also worn since so many decades. They never look out of trend. You can find out in this picture how stylish Kareena Kapoor looks in a denim jacket.

5. A black leather jacket 

Leather jackets are super versatile. You can master the effortlessly chic looks in the black leather jacket. It can be worn with anything regardless of the season. It gives your outfit a stylish edge and that too without doing much. It’s a must-have in every girl’s and boy’s wardrobe and the benefit is, you can wear it forever.

  • Leather jackets give you a stylish chic look effortlessly. They are a must-have in your winter wardrobe.
  • You can even carry a leather jacket in summers these days just like this model did.

6. Basic tee-shirts

The T-shirt is what everyone loves to wear in summers. A t-shirt is everyone’s favourite style piece, especially for men.  It’s simple and requires very few decisions when wearing one. You can always wear a t-shirt for the last minute plan and rock your looks.

  • As we know that t-shirts are never out of style. You can take your old t-shirt and style it in such a modern way as this model did.
  • There is not just one way to wear basic tees. You can wear them differently every time. You can take inspiration from this picture too to style your t-shirt.

7. Wayfarers sunglasses

These are the most common shape of sunglasses since ages. It is the iconic frame shape that makes a statement looks. It gives you a retro yet modern looks at the same time.

  • Wayfarers are so common among men and women eyewear. Unlike other shapes of sunglasses, they will be in trend for always.

8.Classic black pumps 

Classic black pumps will never go out of trend. You can wear them with almost anything, from a little black dress to your formal suit or a cocktail party. They can add glam to your outfit.

  • You can see how these black pumps add grace to this outfit.So this was all about the evergreen fashion trends. Hope you found this blog useful. Do share which of these trends you think are must-have. Shop for your favorite looks on!

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