Look! How your clothes have ruined this world…

The fashion industry and environment never go hand in hand and it is secretly destroying the world. Never realized it? Here are some facts that’ll make you believe it (and maybe, feel a little bad about the world too).

Are you wearing the second dirtiest thing in the world?

Unfortunately yes! The clothing industry is believed to be the second most polluting industry after oil. The carbon footprint generated is massive. From cotton extraction to final disposal of all the outfits, fashion creates a mess for the environment.

fashion-second dirtiest industry

Never thought a little shirt could create such havoc? Welcome to reality!


Are these the clothes you die (dye) for?

Well if you crave for dyed clothes, you are literally digging your own grave. Studies show that an average outfit is a home to deadly chemicals like lead, mercury, arsenic and other hormone changing toxins due to the dyes used.

dyes polluting the environment

If only I knew this before! White would have reigned my wardrobe. 😛


Do you love fast fashion?

If you love to keep up with the latest trends and shopping is your way of life, you are catching the fast fashion fever. Fast fashion creates a rampant demand for cheap clothes which are very harmful. It causes global warming and major carbon emissions. Giant shop retailers like H&M and ZARA are some of the biggest contributors to it.

fast fashion industry and environment

It’s time you reconsidered some of your choices. (I am doing mine too)


Are your clothes responsible for the filthy water?

Yes and that shouldn’t be surprising! The fashion industry is the second most extensive water user. From the residual waters of the dyes to all the spills during transportation of products, the clothing industry is responsible for highly contaminating water.

water fashion meme

Wondering how dangerous clothes could be for existence! (Mentally, planning the next step)


Which material dress did you just buy?

Is it nylon? Or maybe rayon? Considering the in-trend polyester fashion, we just made a guess. But did you know that these fabrics are non-biodegradable! They release nitrous oxide which is almost 300 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. So, choose wisely.

polyster fashion meme

Maybe now you know what not to buy when you go shopping next! Coz I do.


Did you just plan to dispose that outfit?

The biggest impact is created by how you handle your clothes after you’ve bought them. Washing machine washes are responsible for more than 60% of the greenhouse gas emissions. Globalization leads to rapid disposal of clothes making it unsustainable for nature. More than 14 million tons of textiles are thrown away each year!

disposing clothes

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE! That should be our mantra now. (Feels determined)


Of course, that does not mean that you stop wearing clothes. (That will be scandalous) 😛

So, here’s what you can do! 😀

  • Eco-friendly clothing is always an option. Eco fabrics like Tencel are 5x better than cotton. Many stores are coming up with such blended eco-friendly products. So, next time you go shopping, look for them.
  • Upcycle your clothes. You never know how many new outfits you might come up with.
  • Donate them. Maybe you don’t need them, somebody else does. :’)
  • Buy more from second-hand, consignment and thrift stores. When you shop from first-hand stores you contribute to the carbon footprint due to the packaging, processing, and shipping it involves. You may be surprised what amazing fashion finds you can come up with here.

let's do our best meme

Let’s do our bit because in the end… Every drop counts. ❤

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