Are you a total fashion nerd? Do you claim to know everything about fashion? Are you one of those who wants to make big in the fashion field and have no idea where to start from because you are not a fashion designer? Well, we can feel you. Here is a list of some fabulous fashion careers which can help you to earn your living by living your passion.

Let us have a look at the best fashion careers which can shape up your professional life.

1. Fashion Stylist

We always love the looks and the outfits of the Bollywood celebrities, but behind their gorgeous look, is the hard work of their fashion stylists. They help them to pair the outfits correctly.

Professionalism – You can either get a certified degree or a diploma course on fashion styling, or you can simply keep on interning with the reputed fashion stylists to earn experience.

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2. Fashion Careers as Photographer

Do your friends keep calling you with your DSLR to click their pictures all the time? Well, it’s high time to be a professional in this field. You can earn a lot and make fashion photography your profession.

Professionalism – A photography course is great, or you can also build a portfolio of the pictures which you have clicked and you can also promote yourself on social media for getting direct projects.

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3. Fashion Journalist/Writer

If you have good English proficiency and Vogue is in your veins, then fashion writing is the ultimate career option for you. You must be a creative thinker and a fashion enthusiast.

Professionalism – A course in Fashion Journalism is the best. You can also directly intern under the fashion publication blogs and build a good writing portfolio.

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4. Fashion Blogger

If posting your #OOTDs on Instagram is your favorite job then this is the perfect job for you. You should be comfortable in sharing your styles and pictures. You should be good at writing to connect with your audience through your blogs.

Professionalism – You don’t need any degree for this, but an excellent styling sense and flair for writing is a must. You should be very active on social media and have a good camera for the pictures.

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5. Fashion Vlogger

Fashion Vlogger is basically the YouTuber. The making of fashion and beauty videos is a great platform these days because people seek for this information more and this is one the great fashion careers.

Professionalism – Just start by youtube videos and market your youtube channel through various social media. Collaborations and a long list of followers can make you earn through this.

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6. Fashion Designer

If you love art and always dream about clothes and have millions of trends going on in your head always, then this is the perfect job for you. You can ace this job with your creativity as these days there are fashion events which give a room to the upcoming designers.

Professionalism – You must have a graduation, certificate, diploma or advanced diploma course in Fashion Designing from a reputed university.

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7. Makeup Artist

Yes, even this is one of the great options these days if you are interested in fashion and beauty. You can always be your own boss and be a freelance makeup artist. You can also collaborate with the bloggers and increase your network and experience.

Professionalism – Either take up a professional course on makeup styling or just promote your work on social media and build a fan base.

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8. Image Consultant/ Personal Stylist

Everyone wants to have a great personality in this era. For this, there are various courses which people take up to enhance their personality. You can be a professional image consultant or a personal stylist and work in famous organizations at this position.

Professionalism – You must take up a course in Image consultant and Soft Skills training. This would enable you to get jobs in this field. Also, there are various fashion websites which require personal stylist. You can gain an exposure from that as well.

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9. Fashion Model

If you are God gifted with a good height and a good physique, then the modeling world is calling you with open arms. You must try fashion modeling and participate in various contests or even the Beauty pageant contests. You can be a freelance model and gain experience.

Professionalism – There is no degree required for it, yet lots of effort and practice goes into be a perfect model. You can start with collaborating with the budding designers and create a strong and impactful portfolio.

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10. Fashion Merchandiser

They are a very important part of any fashion brand. They are the ones who are concerned with the back end of any brand for merchandising the clothes and garments.

Professionalism – You have to take up a course in textile management or fabric management. You must be very creative in fabric detail knowledge.

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11. Public Relation

Public relation is a very interesting field of fashion. The job of a PR is to publicize and promote the brand and make it open in front of the people. A decent PR is the one who has all the abilities to communicate every useful detail about the brand to the public and media.

Professionalism – You must have a degree in Mass Communications or Journalism.

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12. Production Manager

The production managers are the ones who are responsible for all the back desk work of a label. These works include production and manufacturing of the clothes till it becomes a final outfit.

Professionalism – You must have a degree in Apparel Management or Fashion Technology. This job requires too much responsibility and hence a degree with few internships would be great for your career.

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13. Brand Manager

Branding is a very important aspect of any label or brand. The Brand Managers know the right sources to make a brand visible and reach the number of people. Their basic work is to create a goodwill of the brand in the market.

Professionalism – You must have a degree in Brand Management. This is a specialized course for this job.

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14. Social Media Manager

Social Media is one of the most important and creative platforms for promoting and building any brand. And hence there are many social media coordinators, influencers, and managers openings in various companies. This is basically a creative marketing job for the brand.

Professionalism – You never need any degree in this. All you need is just knowing the trends and various insights of Social Media Marketing.

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These are some amazing fashion careers which you can pursue and work with your dream company or label. If you have it in you, the opportunities in fashion careers have already knocked your door. It is time to hit the floors. 😀

Holaa. I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger and writer with a deep love for fashion and travelling. A commerce post graduate Symbian and an aspiring fashion stylist. A StyleDotMe content team member working for giving great reading experience on everything trending to all.

Holaa. I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger and writer with a deep love for fashion and travelling. A commerce post graduate Symbian and an aspiring fashion stylist. A StyleDotMe content team member working for giving great reading experience on everything trending to all.

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