Fashion is now becoming a lifestyle to people.  Uniquely , Every category is defining its Fashion according to their liability, affordability and understanding. Fashion is always a trend, Trend which is  the evolving change in fashion. Seasons are  also an aspect for the upcoming trends in fashion. There are four fashion seasons . 1]Spring/Summer- from January to June . 2]Fall / Winter- from July to December . 3] Resort – from October to December  and Pre-Fall –   approaching before  the Fall/Winter Collections.

 Fall/Winter Trends-the approaching season!

For Men:

                                                                                      THE FUTURISTIC APPROACH

 The Techniques like Mettle fleck, Ombre, colour block and the black and white tones  will apply  to the outdoor shapes . In addition, giving a futuristic and versatile approach to the casual sneakers .


Basketball sneakers Coming in the bold, youthful and lively red shades add in the street couture this season. In addition experimenting in dark, saturated hues.



Knitted classic sneakers reinvented in spared knit surfaces appear lightweight and comfortable  . Similarly , adding in the active sneakers category.


Distressed, beaten, dirty and shabby treatments are applied to leather . In addition ,  giving  the regular court shoes a vintage look .

For Women:


Fur is the constant material for both apparel and the footwear category . The image shows the sole line with fur shearling that  offers both comfort and luxury and the silhouette gives a street and savvy appearance which makes it perfect for every occasion. Likewise , adding fur again as a trend for the coming season .


 In addition to the classic sneaker  , this is the  reinvented version which gives  a youthful feel to the classic footwear this Autumn/Winter Season.

PLATFORM BOOTSThe punk boot is made slimmer to give it a more commercial appeal . Furthermore,  adds it  to the hiking boots  category  . 


The party scandal  paired with socks  gives the scandal a very simple look  and In conclusion is  introduced in the casual category of footwear for the coming season.

In the final analysis   , these  are  the upcoming trends in the footwear category .

 So, select your style  and SHOP .

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