Facebook Gen kid wishes FB a Great Birthday

Happy Birthday dear Facebook!

Facebook does so many special things for us, almost daily. Who makes a video for us on our birthdays, apart from few close people? Who helps us stalk our exes, crushes and our first loves, so easily? Thank you, FB. But, we are not empty handed. We’ve got a present for you. Scroll down and see how much the Facebook gen kid is bragging about you.

1. 90’s kid: If you didn’t play jigsaw puzzle, your childhood was not awesome.

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Facebook gen kid: If you didn’t take up FB quizzes and found out which animal were you in past life, your entire life is meaningless.

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2. 90’s kid: We had cartoon network to make us go ROTFL all day.

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Facebook gen kid: Oh great! We had so many FB pages to make us go #LOL all the time. My favorite is Rajnikant vs CID jokes.

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3. 90’s kid: Having a group of close friends and play ‘chor police’, was so much fun.

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Facebook gen kid: Have you played ‘how much do you know your friend’ game on FB? Duh! If no, then your friendship is not at all real.

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4. 90’s kid: When we were in high school, we had so many forward text messages in our inbox. Gosh, I was so cool. I had more than 100 messages in my inbox.

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Facebook gen kid: Okay, great. We only had to settle for hilarious #PMs. Lucky guys, you. *giggles* BTW, you know what PMs means, right?

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5. 90’s kid: Group photos for the class ending every year, was so much fun. I was always trying to look the best in my uniform.

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Facebook gen kid: Hahaha! Why not? And where did you guys share that picture? On school’s notice board? Bro, we tag our friends in every group picture on a Facebook wall.

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6. 90’s kid: We thrived for getting a perfect passport size picture for our ID cards. I gave three shots before finalizing the best photo. Huh, choose me.

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Facebook gen kid: Three photos, umm, for the ID card, that’s pretty hectic. We also click few pictures, then use some filters, think of a good caption and change our #DP. Are you guys *facepalmed*?

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7. 90’s kid: It was so great when our friends wished us on our birthdays at 12 midnight when we were in school.

Facebook gen kid: Has anyone you didn’t expect wished you? Our walls are incomplete without such wishes. Ohh sorry, you didn’t have FB that time.


8. 90’s kid: Whenever my crush smiled at me, I felt like 100 butterflies in my stomach.

facebook gen kid

Facebook gen kid: You can’t get the feeling when your crush likes your picture or your status. Are you talking about butterflies, we felt the entire zoo everywhere around us.

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Hope you liked it, our loving FB. Just a small gesture from one of your lovers. It is impossible to imagine a day without you. Thank you.

Lots of love.

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