Do you like to twirl around in those pleated skirts or make a statement with a bodycon skirt?

Guess What! We’ve got the best of the trending skirts covered for you this season.

Bored of your everyday pair of jeans and pants? It’s high time you get over them and shop for some trending skirts this season.Go for something different which suits your style be it a slit skirt or a button up one – We’re damn sure you will become fond of them. One might not be comfortable wearing a short one but there are always options and that’s why we are here with this blog to solve your fashion queries. It’s not about getting out of your comfort zone but more about knowing what suits you the best and that can only happen once you experiment. #GetStarted

1. Slay Game On Point

If you don’t have this skirt in your wardrobe till now then you’re definitely going down on your style quotient. It’s one of the most trending ones amongst celebrities and fashion bloggers and we totally adore it!


2. A Slit Away

Pair your casual t-shirt rather ANY top to go transform from a “Stay at home” look to “Time to slay” look with just a slit skirt. Steal the show with this one and don’t forget to also check out one of those with double slits for a trendier look.

3. Glamorous Chic

Vintage totally comes to our mind when we look at this one. The floral prints and the grace that comes along this one gives such a peppy look. If you love to experiment then this one is worth the try!

4. Button Up

You might have seen everybody having this one in their wardrobes for sure. It’s comfy and stylish one can pair it with a crop top or even a bustier for a fashionista look.

5. Trend Setter

Make a statement with this Oh! So gorgeous sheer skirt which will cover almost every look on your mind. From Party To Casual – This one’s got it all covered for you.

6. Skater Girl

One can always play with this all-time casual yet classy skater skirts. The variant colors and versatility of this skirt makes everybody crave for one in their wardrobe.

7. Wear It With Class

This pencil skirt is all you need to take everybody’s attention away.It’s definitely got our eyes on it because of the stunning combination of such an edgy color and leather.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to go shop now!Click here to find out what else is #Trending this season on StyleDotMe.



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