Durex jeans: Are you ready for the new denim in your closet?

What would your first thought be when I say any mineral water brand is going to launch an accessory line of products? Weird, isn’t it? Okay, this was just a hypothetical situation but let us take you to a real life scenario where DUREX is going launch a JEANS. Yes, this is right. Don’t believe us, then just wait for 25th March 2017. (We heard that Durex Jeans are getting launched on this date.)

We now have a few thoughts running through our heads, and we want you too to take part in our thinking. Reply to our following dilemmas in the comments section below. 🙂

1. What could be the tagline of this jeans brand?

“Comfortable and durable,” “Feels the best on the skin,” “Wear it every time because it is flexible” These were some of our ideas, what do you think it can be?


2. Would you concentrate on the color of the denim or the flavor?

We guess they will have color options like strawberry in place of pastel peach, coffee or chocolate in place of brown. Would it be confusing? Err! No! We would go with the flow, anyway. 😛

durex jeans

3. Will you be comfortable flaunting that Durex tag?

Or will you wear it only with those peplum tops or extra large tee shirts? Well, I don’t feel that flaunting a Durex in public can be a matter of shyness, at least now. (Ohh, I meant Durex jeans. :P) Maybe, some taboo will vanish from the country.


4. Will you now wear your boyfriend’s jeans?

One good news for all the ladies. You can now fit in your boyfriend’s Durex (JEANS) very easily. You can (literally) own an actual Boyfriend jeans now. 😛 It could have been done previously too, but the feeling of the brand matters, right? 😉


5. Are you concerned about the fabric or the material of the jeans?

We are too! Just hoping it is pure denim fabric and no rubber, spandex, latex or plastics. We believe Durex designers are well versed with fabrics and so we can relax (maybe).

durex jeans

Let’s give our minds a rest and wait till the 25th of March to get all our doubts cleared.

One great thing about this news is that society can, at last, have a wider approach to say and express ideas freely. And also let us control that excitement to flaunt Durex, finally. 😛

We can’t wait to see your Durex denim on Styledotme! Get, set and go! Grab your pair of Durex Jeans and post it on the app. 😀

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