We all wait for our dreams to turn into reality and when I dreamt of featuring StyleDotMe on CNBC TV 18, Young Turks, it seemed far from reality. One of CNBC-TV18’s longest running shows; Young Turks puts the spotlight on young entrepreneurs poised to be tomorrow’s leaders.

We applied for the show last year. It was a prestigious opportunity considering that from Makemytrip to Flipkart, everyone has been a part of it. However, we were rejected in the first instance. We did not even make it to the preliminaries. Staring in the face of failure, I was disappointed. It was a phase of complete dejection but then, “Every time I thought I was being rejected for something good, I was actually being redirected to something better.”

The same opportunity came our way this year again with TieTheKnot – CNBC Young Turks, and we welcomed it with open arms. But I was still very scared over what had happened last time. Every step we took made me more and more nervous, more panicky. Taking one step at a time, we gradually kept moving forward. I cannot express how ecstatic I felt the day I got to know that we had made it to the finals. The entire office saw me jumping around (quite literally :P) and the team- they knew our hard work had paid finally paid off.

The last step of the journey was most daunting- To pitch on the national television. Butterflies in my stomach, nervousness level 1000000000, I never thought I could do this. But as they say, always believe in doing the impossible. We went on to pitch in front of some of the most influential investors and a live audience. That’s what gave me all the confidence. I can’t express how it felt at that moment. Jittery, proud, shaky, assertive and 10000 other feelings, they all came together.

Thus, it was like a dream come true – an enriching experience with great learning and it is with complete conviction I say this.

Styledotme in young turks Styledotme in young turks

Watch our pitch on CNBC TV 18 Young Turks here.

-Meghna Saraogi

Founder, StyleDotMe


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