These neck chokers have been quite famous around French revolution and has been a symbol of trendiness, fashion statement and style. And this trend has taken a rebirth and have acquired the top list of the vogue. Here are some basic DIY neck chokers which can be easily made at home.

  1. Neck chokers for lazy peeps

This simple and easy DIY neck choker which can be made even when you have just gotten up from your deep slumber, is a must try. Just grab hands on some velvet ribbon of around 22 mm and measure the diameter of your neck. Measure it and cut it slightly more than the measured diameter of your neck to tie a knot at the back of your neck. This simple and pocket friendly neck choker is a must try at home.


  1. A choker with a clasp

Broken jewelry or chains are the source for this absolutely simple and easy DIY. So simply grab hands on broken chains, some of the length of your neck diameter and flip the end of ribbon over and place the clasp at one end and the chain at other end. Secure the chain with a black thread sewing it through the ring hoops. A swanky new necklace is ready for you.


  1. The charm choker

You might find these chokers at sarojni market by going through the hefty argument of bargaining with the sellers. But why can’t you make it at home? Get a silky chord with jump rings, charms, jewelry pliers and necklace clasps. And as you know the drill, first measure your neck diameter and attach a necklace clasp to one end. Now pick up your favourite charm and attach a jump ring to it and slip it in the silky chord. Now attach the second necklace clasp to the other end of the necklace. Kudos! Your charm neck choker is ready.


  1. Tattoo Choker

Want to get an iconic DIY neck choker made at come? Get a stretch chord and a heavy clip. Measure the length to be taken by taking the length of your arms (around 40 inches) and then fold it hallway. Clip it in order to obtain 2 separate loose chords.  Take the loop and make a loop, and then pass the second string through this loop. Repeat this process till your desired length of the choker is achieved. Add a charm to the choker for additional design. Your iconic DIY neck choker is all ready.


  1. Custom Design

Just simply go through stores possessing craft pieces and trims. Pick up a thin, trim or lace section of the craft item and simply attach a clutch at its one end by securing it with sewing. You are now good to go!


this is a fact that the wiry tattoo style is going all on fleek right now. Try some of these to make your life a little easier. Don’t drop a lot of money for the style revival. Just make some of your own.

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