Glitter Manicure is the perfect way to spice up any nail design and make it instantly festive. But spending thousands of rupees for every hangout? or change of dress? How about NO!

Ladies, It’s time we take matters into our hands (literally) and switch things up. Learn how to do your own Glitter Manicure in a few simple steps and never have a worry in the world.

1. French it up

French Manicure is the go-to for most of us, but how about making your French manicure shine with a glitter stripe? First of all, you need to apply a base coat. Then cover up most of your nail and expose just the portion you wish to glitter up. What else? After applying glitter of your choice, remove the tape/cloth, and Voila!

2. Glitter Dipped

For a messier look, try this half-dipped technique. Apply a base coat of preference, and then just sprinkle as much glitter you want! Perfect and easy, right? 

More details at Kouture Kiss.

3.  All-In

Applying all-over glitter is shockingly simple. We would have never imagined something so simple could look this good. All you have to do is dip your polish-free nail in the glitter, tap out the excess glitter and clean it up. To give it a sleek look, apply a clear coat of polish. 

Just apply a coat of clear and dip your nails. For a raw look, don't even do a clear topcoat!


4. Glitter Fade 

Here’s how to do an ombre effect with loose nail glitter. You can do it on the tips of your nails or from the bottom up.

Important : Apply a top coat after you do each nail.

5. The perfect Ombre

One way to do a gradient effect is to make your base ombre (using your normal nail polish) and apply a coat or two of glitter over the nail.

Also, ombre nails don’t have to go up and down — why not switch up the direction like this

If you like these ideas, and wish some outfit inspirations to go with them, check out Street Style looks directly from Paris Fashion Week!


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