So you might have already encountered the trending Instagram page @DietSabya which gives you insights and digs out normcore disasters of the fashion industry. In the ever growing fashion industry, everyone wants to be the best dressed for the ‘gram and ends up getting trolled. Sometimes even our favourite designers and people from the industry forget the fine line between originality and “inspiration”. Hands down to Diet Sabya who enlighten us with their incredibly funny captions and obviously their god gifted eagle eyes! If you’re a fashion enthusiast and your life revolves around this industry then follow them to get your daily dose of Gandi copies #ad (thank us later!) 

Here are #gandi #copy moments which will give you a dose of unoriginality from Diet Sabya!

1. Ruthlessly calling out the CEO of a “fashion website”. 

2. Just caught a copycat!

3. A great marketing strategy doesn’t exist!

4. DIY your outfits and youtube tutorial coming soon!

5. When you like something from Zara but you end up finding it in Sarojini!

When Karan Johar says you’re nailing it, buddy you nailed it. It’s hard to be authentic when you yourself are a copy, Diet Sabya we totally love you and your sarcastic captions. Our only question to you is, do you only expose fashion design rip-offs or are you looking for something even juicer like fashion startups copying ideas? (Sliding into your DMs 😉). Hope to see some merch dropping soon from you too!

Comment down below if you would love to read more about such Instagram pages where we can entertain ourselves rather than aimlessly scrolling. Ciao! 


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