“Gulabi ankhe jo meri dekhi Deewana har dil hogya” we are sure that you all remember Alia Bhatt’s dynamic entry in Student of the year where she showed off her extravagant closet full of designer everything! And we are sure every girl dreams to have a closet full of designer handbags, clothes, and shoes. If you still can’t relate we are sure you definitely remember Carrie Bradshaw’s closet in Sex and the City which was a dream. So coming back to reality, we can’t have all that but we can add few to start with. Being a handbag connoisseur myself, designer bags comes first on the priority list.

Handbags are a crucial part of any outfit, you can pair them with a beautiful flare dress or a basic outfit and they will enhance your look instantly. Every girl carries her whole world inside her bag so it better be worth it right? Guys, it’s time to dig out all our secret savings to splurge on these classic and stunning handbags from our favorite international designers!

#Inspired by god!

Buy it here: Gucci

A Splash of blue!

Buy it here: Dolce & Gabbana

Blushing pink!

Buy it here: Prada

The black bag which is not basic but edgy! 

Buy it here: Prada

The right amount of leather and earthy brown!

Buy it here: Chloe’

The bag which speaks for itself! 

Buy it here: Balenciaga

The Snake print that’s not gonna bite you!

Buy it here: Bottega Veneta

Fendi is the new trendy!

Buy it here: Fendi

A bag full of class!

Buy it here: Ysl

The one which everybody wants!

Buy it here: Valentino

Time to splurge your money because all these are worth it! Comment down below which of these are your favorite and make you want to spend your precious money. Confused about how to style your day to day outfit? Your friends take forever to reply or suggest? Then we got you covered. Download StyleDotme app and get instant fashion advice, you can even set a timer (Bingo).



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