Confidence -The ultimate key to rock fashion! Here’s how these celebs carried it.

Yves Saint Laurent rightly stated – Fashion fades, Style is eternal. Yet, we all weave a web of lies that, we are confident and proud of the body we’re in. Everyone has insecurities and imperfections and one can ever overcome them, all we can do is embrace. If you have confidence in yourself, darling, no one can bring you down, because confidence is the ultimate key to rock fashion anywhere!
It’s not rocket science in wearing the current and existing trend by simply buying it and worrying whether it suits you. As long as you are confident, happy and comfortable, you’re gonna own it and rock it!
If you have style, fashion is just a bonus that just compliments it. What makes you praise worth is your style and confidence. Follow these enchanting words and charm will follow you wherever.

Also, there is no one perfect body, I believe that each person possesses a wonderfully unique and diverse physique.

A simple grey shirt? Not Fashionable?

A grey shirt is not considered highly fashionable. Yet, Ashley Graham manages to rock it with her style.

White bodysuit? Plus size woman?

One could only imagine disaster but, it’s a no-no when it comes to Ashley. She slays everything that comes in her way, let alone a bodysuit!I have come across a number of people who stay on top of fashion but have absolutely no sense of style whatsoever, and people who although, are not “trendy” but daring enough to use their own sense of style and know how to carry themselves rather than already tried and tested looks.
We fear to show the part of ourselves which is hiding behind the mask of insecurity. We need to face our insecurities head on!

 key to rock fashion


A denim on denim look. How will it look?

A very few of us would dare to even imagine denim skirt on jeans with a denim jacket. Too much denim? Well, not for Gigi. Her imaginative daring style makes everything look simply chic.

 key to rock fashion

Badass?? That’s something you should learn from Rihanna!

Rihanna is one heck of a woman who without giving a damn, dares to wear such badass outfits. Whether it’s a high-end fashion event or casual street style. She pulls every darn outfit off without even a flinch.

 key to rock fashion

All those perfect women you see walking around aren’t perfect at all, they just know how to love their imperfections and flaunt it with style.
Turn your weakness into a strength. One thing I have observed and learnt is that style comes from within and that validation and self-worth must also come from within.
Get inspired and inspire others with your style. Find your style, love it, own it, flaunt it, rock it!
Ultimately, you are the master of yourself. Style is your wand and fashion is your audience, all you need is a little bit of magic.

Even the simplest of things can do wonders, you just have to find your creativity and present it to the world with a pinch of style.

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