Tensed that you’re not prepared for college? Or just that you don’t know what things you should carry with yourself? Don’t worry! We got your back girlfriend. Here you’ll find all the information you need to make your college life smooth and easy-breezy. Find out what a college girl bag should have.

Here are 7 things a college-going girl should carry in her bag :

1. Pen and Notebook

Well, this one’s a bit too obvious, but critically important. Always have a couple of both so that you make a good impression on your professors.

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2. Hand sanitizer and Wet wipes

Imagine you’re sitting in your college canteen, just about to put that ‘as delicious as it gets in a college canteen’ food in your mouth and it hits you! You don’t know how dirty the benches were that you touched, or the door handles you used to open the door or even the pen you used to write your notes down. So? What now? Give a free ride to Lord-knows how many germs straight to your mouth? And what if you end up having some food remainder on your face? Clean it with those filthy hands of yours? NO! This is how Hand sanitizers and Wet wipes save the day.

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3. Hair accessories 

Feeling you’re having a good hair day? Don’t be too cocky, cause the journey from your home to college just might change that. Always have a backup hair-do plan, this means you need to have the tools necessary. Whether it’s a brush, a comb, a dry shampoo or hair ties. Carry whatever floats your boat and always be picture ready!

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4. Chap stick

Be kiss ready or just selfie-ready by carrying a chap stick with yourself. This is a must in winters, cause, let’s agree to agree that nobody like dry lips.

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5. Sunglasses 

Never let your eyes squint as you never know when those fine lines start showing up. For this always keep trendy sunglasses that goes with every outfit imaginable with yourself.

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6. Earphones

Earphones are like friends when you’re not surrounded by any. They make sure that you’re not looking lonely when you’re sitting alone.

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7. Power bank

Have an early class? Or just forgot to charge your phone? Or maybe just ran out of battery while watching videos? Fear not when you have a power bank with yourself. It’s not a power bank, it’s a life savior.



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