Work loaded and completely demotivated? Well, here’s our perfect stress buster recipe.

Take some wanderlust.

Add a lap of soothing nature.

Put in a pinch of stardust.

Some heavenly surroundings.

Adventure according to taste.

Don’t forget a relaxing place to stay.

And now, mix them well!

You’re good to go! Nothing can beat this combination and we say this from personal experience. StyleDotMe, along with 5 top bloggers from the country tried this recipe and went on a trip to Cherrapunji and Shillong in association with Hotel Polo Towers. Away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi, it was a breathtaking experience- one that you should witness too.

So, here are some of the best elements and must-dos from our trip.


#Cafe ML05

Situated in the woods along the National Highway 106, the place is named after the RTO code for Shillong. A hanging Royal Enfield bike, old trunks as tables on one side and funky chairs with a perfect holiday ambience greet you. If you love automobiles, food and wish to experiment around, then this place should be a must-visit on your list. You will fall in love with it.


#Polo Orchid Resorts, Cherrapunji

The most acclaimed resort in town, the place ensures that there is no lack of warmth and homely comfort. A customised note for us along with a sweet gift waited for us on our arrival. The place is like heaven on earth. If you want the best of both worlds- the pleasure of scenic beauty and the comfort of a luxurious stay, this is the place to be. From the hospitality to the service, there is nothing that goes wrong. You can also see Bangladesh and the famous Seven Sister falls from your balcony.

Extra Perks: One of the best features of the place is that there’s a private pool in the room to make your stay even more relaxing.


#Double Decker Living Roots Bridge

There are some journeys in life that are hard to forget and this will surely be one of them. A journey of 3000 steps innumerable twists and complete tiredness- it is surely worth it all. The destination compensates for everything. The Double Decker Living Root Bridge which is 250 years old is in a remote village ‘Nongriat’ and is accessible only by trek. Situated in the lap of nature, the place is beautifully mesmerising.


# Hotel Polo Towers, Shillong

The place is in the laps of the clouds and the views from its balcony are worth a must visit once. So, the place carries good vibes and creates happy memories. Everything is just “wow” about the place. Vibrant interiors, splendid ambience and the most relaxing experience- the place has it all. You can also go around cycling here and play outdoor games. There’s a special Karaoke night at their special Irish cafe that you can enjoy and chill with.


#Dylans Cafe

Creativity, introspection, conversation, good music and amazing food- now that’s how you describe the place. A celebration of the legendary Bob Dylan’s music and poetry, the place is known for its comfortable couches and colourful artwork that adds to the relaxed vibe of the café. You are welcome to leave behind your own tribute to Dylan by painting a ceiling tile here or bring in a book and pick up one in exchange from their bookshelf.

Pro Tip: Do not forget to try the Irish coffee and sumptuous desserts here. Thus, save place for it.


Thus, watch our journey with these bloggers to the “land of clouds” and feel mesmerised. Maybe you should plan one soon too!!

So, for more updates, keep following the StyleDotMe blog.


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