From airports to space stations, grocery stores and beyond, Chanel has taken its runways far and wide over the years. For  Chanel Fall 2018, the fashion house got in touch with nature with a dark and moody forest-themed runway. Transforming the Grand Palais in Paris into the woods.

Fallen leaves and dozens of real trees prepped the catwalk. In addition, moss and piles of twigs created an authentic smell and atmosphere.The audience even sat on benches constructed from rough tree trunks.

Here are some of the best looks from Chanel Fall 2018

#Look 1

Tweed jacket paired up with metallic plazo-pants and a set of golden chains makes this chic Chanel look. Furthermore, it was  complimented by leather gloves of matching hue, with jewelry having the famous double C’s logo

#Look 2 

Chanel signature matching skirt suits made an appearance but with some alterations. For the coming season Chanel chose to ditch its short coat with a peplum-styled one. Metallic knee-high boots and Gold chained jewelry completed this fall look.

#Look 3

Leaf prints, with a color palette of forest greens and burnt oranges were seen on the runway. Gathered skirt with the same patterned blazer unites with a short cardigan sweater in pink and some floral jewelry.

#Look 4

Warm and comfortable options for this fall are here! Faux fur fused on the classic Chanel tweed can be an outfit of it’s own. But the knitted dress with turtle neck and beaded embroidery adds a Winter flavor of its own.

#Look 5

White shirt with leaf-like satin detailing and bishop sleeves has all of us in awe. In addition, when put together with the bronze-copper metallic plazo-pants, it makes the perfect Fall outfit.

One thing’s for sure: the Chanel woman is set to be bundled up in style during her many walks through the woods next season. But she won’t be blending in with those colorful leather gloves.



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