ZARA Look Book 101! Here’s your perfect guide…

Always thought Zara was too expensive?? Was buying from Zara a luxury for you?? Well. worry no more. StyleDotMe has come up with six looks in an exclusive Zara Look Book – one for each day of the week (on Sundays you can chill in your Sarojini shorts :p). We have curated these looks especially for you and they are all under 3000! Check these out and run to the stores quickly before they are all out of stock…

Here’s your personal Zara Look Book !!


Zara Look Book by StyleDotMe

Wearing a flower patch blouse with flared and threaded boyfriend jeans, our blogger for the shoot, Kompal Matta (@plumsandpeplum), looked ravishing in this outfit.

Flower patch blouse- INR 1,900
Flared threaded boyfriend  jeans- INR 1,100


Zara Look Book by StyleDotMe

Create a super chic look in under 1500 bucks with this lavender off shoulder crop top and flared and threaded boyfriend jeans.

Lavender off shoulder crop  top- INR 290
Flared threaded boyfriend  jeans- INR 1,100


Zara Look Book by StyleDotMe

Kill it with your style this Wednesday by wearing this translucent tee with ripped black jeggings from Zara. You wouldn’t have to spend much too.

Black ripped jeggings- INR 900
Red translucent tee- INR 600


Zara Look Book by StyleDotMe

Ain’t eh Londonish? Pair this quirky tee with striped shorts for a casual look. This is surely a must pickup vacay piece available under Rs. 1000.

Black ‘I’m exclusive’ tee-  INR 500
Striped shorts- INR 500


Zara Look Book by StyleDotMe

Wearing a flared sheer blouse with ripped black jeggings from Zara, you can completely slay it with your style! Perfect for a Friday party night, create this look for under Rs. 2000.

Flared sheer blouse- INR 1,100
Black ripped jeggings- INR 900


Zara Look Book by StyleDotMe

Aye Aye captain? If that’s what you wanna hear, you should probably go for this military print dress. Pair it up with boots to give a perfect look to the outfit.

Camouflage dress- INR 1,200

Want this and more? Rush to your nearest Zara store to check out their amazing collection. Also, stay tuned! Some other wonderful Look Books are coming your way.

Keeping watching this space at for more such updates!

Model: Kompal Matta (@plumsandpeplum)
Clothes: Zara
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10 hacks you need to know to keep yourself cool this summer!

It’s sticky, hot and humid outside like never before and it’s getting more and more difficult to get out of the house. When you actually go out your frustration levels rise up like Delhi’s temperature. So what to do? Worry not as I bring to you 10 hacks you need to know to keep yourself cool this summer!

Loose clothes is the key

Think of it as jazzing up your pyjamas into outfits. Yes, the fewer clothes you have touching you, the cooler is your body.

loose dress


Try forgetting the padded bra and befriend the soft bralettes

The thicker the layers, the more sweaty is your chest. Therefore, some lightweight barrettes can make summer a bit better for you.



Shop some cool  barrettes from  here


Lightweight but structured tops are preferred.

Light materials like cotton are favourable but, it is better if they have a structure like an embroidery or thick print or pin ups even, since, they will prevent it from sticking it to your body the minute you start sweating.

embroidered cotton topsShop these kinda tops from here


Avoid beaded embroidery

They tend to weigh down your clothes making them stick to your body when you sweat. In addition, you can replace these by wearing similar patterns or prints.

beaded embroidery top


Keep a Hat or Scarf handy

These lightweight wonderful things will keep you away from direct contact with the sun. No rocket science here but people often forget this kinda stuff.

hat and a scarf


Another summer saving hack of a scarf

Wrap a small cotton scarf around your neck to absorb sweat and keep your hair from sticking on your neck.

cotton scarf


Try wearing unlined skirts or dresses

Lining in skirts and dressed is mostly synthetic and prevents the passing of air from your clothes thus, trapping you inside a synthetic bag.

unlined skirtShop this look from here


Replace your backpack or tote with a sling or handbag

A huge backpack or side tote can feel like carrying stones on a hot summer day. It’s the best time to clean out your bags of all unnecessary stuff and transfer the actual stuff to a sling or a handbag.

sling bag


Cover up maximum of your body

As much as you would like to believe otherwise covering up your body will protect you from skin damaging and rising body temperature. Hence, befriend sleeves this summer.

full sleeve top


Stick to light colours

Well, you all know this one. Light colours are cooler and dark ones are warmer. So, I recommend you keep a cooler palette this summer.

light coloured dress


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‘Incredible India’ – We use this phrase many times especially in the form of hash tags after a wonderful vacation we recently had. But we all know India is a lot more than that. India is a diverse country and each state in India has something unique and rich about itself. We go to shopping too on our vacations so instead of useless splurging, we at Style Dot Me bring a list of the fashionable items from Indian states which you all must buy.

Let us have a look at these fashionable items from Indian states.


From the heaven, you must bring back with you the PASHMINA stuff. Also, you cannot miss the beautiful TARANGA.

Image result for pashmina scarves

Related image



UP is famous for the fabrics like BANARASI (probably saree) and the BROCADE. Also, the LUCHNAWI CHICKEN dress materials are best here.

Image result for banarasi saree ACTRESS

Image result for lucknowi chicken actresses



The fashionable items from Maharashtra have to be the GUCHCHEDAR NATH which is extremely pretty and the evergreen KOLHAPURI SAAJ.

Related image

Image result for KOLHAPURI SAAJ



KANJEEVARAM is one of the most fashionable items of the state. OTTIYANAM which is the gold necklace is another famous piece.

Related image

Related image



The IKAT embroidered outfits are originally from Orissa. The most famous accessory of the place is DOKRA necklace which somewhat looks like a choker.

Related image

Related image



The BALUCHARI and the JAMDANI saree are the best pieces to take away from Kolkata and other cities of WB.

Related image

Image result for jamdani saree from west bengal



Are you fond of the silver toe rings, then try the wide range of BICHIYAAS from Bihar. The MADHUBANI paintings and the embroideries on the fabrics are from Bihar.

Image result for bichhiya

Related image



From this Royal land, you can collect a lot of their specialities like the wonderful MOJRIS, THE LEHERIYA SAREES and the antique jewellery like the BORLA.

Related image

Related image



The PHULKARI which we adore on most of the outfits is from Punjab. Also, the JUTTIES are from here.

Image result for phulkari designs

Image result for punjabi jutti


Of course, you cannot miss the CHANIYA CHOLIS from here. The BANDHANI SAREES and similar dress materials are all Gujarat specialities.

Related image

Image result for actresses in bandhani saree



The pure MUGA SILK is from this place and the pretty GAMKHARU bangles and the THURIYA are also from Assam.

Image result for muga silk saree

Image result for gamkharu bangles



The best and the original MYSORE SILK SAREE can only be found here. Their common jewellery NEThI CHUTTI is also too famous nationwide.

Related image

Related image



The prettiest dress of these gorgeous Pahadis called the PATTU is very popular. Their SHANGLI neck pieces are also famous.

Related image

Image result for shangli jewellery



The totally fashionable white saree with the golden border is from Kerela and is called the KASAVU saree. The popular jewellery pieces of Kerela is KASU MALA.

Related image

Related image



The very popular TUSSAR SILK SAREES are manufactured here.

fashionable items from Indian states


These were some of the fashionable items from Indian states which are a must buy. Also, do not forget to share your shopping of fashionable items from Indian states on the StyleDotMe app.

Holaa. I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger and writer with a deep love for fashion and travelling. A commerce post graduate Symbian and an aspiring fashion stylist. A StyleDotMe content team member working for giving great reading experience on everything trending to all.

Say hi to summers!!

When the sun is at its peak and we keep on cursing it, it’s time to take some preventive measures than to have those sunburns and tanned skin. Especially for the college girls who are always anxious about their looks, be it any day or any season. So here are some untold ideas one should keep in mind while stepping out of the house this summers.

Five essential for every girl’s bag in summer:

  • A sunscreen of SPF 40 and above (ex: Neutrogena and other such brands)
  • A summer coat or a long cotton cloth to cover face
  • Facial/ Moisturising wipes (ex: Kara moisturising wipes)
  • Lip balm of SPF 20 (ex: Maybelline baby lips)
  • A compact (ex: Maybelline)

summer stylesummer stylesummers stylesummer essentialssummer essentials


 Why I think orange is the new black!

Black has always been the ‘all time favourite’ of people who tend to be fashionable, yet it becomes the least choice when summers arrive. There is no doubt that we can say orange is the new black!  The colour has been attracting so many beauty divas. Not only this, it fits with configuration whether you want to wear top, dress, salwar kurta or even saree. Orange blends beautifully with everything and anything you wear.

summers stylesummers style


Mix & Pick

It happens every time with me! And what about you? If your wardrobe is full of clothes and yet you find nothing! Summer has been amazingly defined as a season of excitement and thrill and yes you can wear those old clothes from your wardrobe. Pick the dresses that interest you least and then add some cool accessories to it. Either you make your pale jeans ripped or your Mumma’s suit dupatta to a beautiful scarf.

summers style

summers style

Wanna know more summer hacks? Read: 7 DIY Summer Hacks For Your Skin To Beat The Heat This Summers!

And don’t forget to post your favourite look on StyleDotMe.

TREND ALERT: Basket bags to amp up your fashion game

With the changing season comes a bag full of new trends putting all of us in a dilemma of what to add in our already bumped up a collection and which trend to let go. Trust us, it’s a task in itself but not this time around because we’ve got your back and we won’t let you splurge on something you’d regret. For Spring/Summer 2017, the one trend designers, retailers and celebrities approve of is the basket bags. Whether you are heading out for a day in the city, a brunch date or a vacation to Goa, a straw woven basket bag is a fail free option for every affair.

No matter if you want to put up a super classic look or want to add leisure, basket bag would complete your summer arsenal. Here, we put 5 photos to prove that your summer wardrobe absolutely demands a basket bag.

1. Bag so lovely, that it makes us wanna splurge all our money on

basket bag - 1

Source – Pinterest

2. BE CAUTIOUS: If you look at this bag, it will steal your heart.

basket bag - 2

Source – Pinterest

3. Oh honey, basket bags are going to replace our stack of totes

basket bags - 3

Source – Pinterest

4. What’s smart, attractive, young women like us are doing without this bag?

basket bag - 4

Source – Pinterest

5. Our kind of love at first sight

basket bag - 5

Source – Pinterest

The fashion army is already crushing over basket bags, as they’re super cute and effortlessly add a summery vibe to outfits. Who would have thought that one day these canning bags would top the charts of must haves but that’s how fashion likes to play. So, what are you girls waiting for? Swap your leather, printed, canvas totes bag with chic wicker basket bags and make heads turn. For more trend alerts, fashion tips and fashion related queries, join the StyleDotMe app. 🙂

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6 Trendy Tops For 2017 That You Must Stack

Do you know what it is like to be a shopaholic? If you are a fashion enthusiast and love to shop at least in every month for your style up-gradation, then you know how it feels! Women’s love for their clothes and style statement is eternal. And you know how they feel when something is on the trend and they don’t have their stake on them. It feels heart tearing!

Every girl squad will feel the same when you come to know that your peers have that same dress, which you haven’t bought but if it had been, it would have got you oodles of compliments. It’s always good to know the matter first! And here we are with a bunch of trendy tops for 2017 so that you can have them on track. And, why only tops? Well, tops are the basic picks of every woman and girl because you can pair them with multiple numbers of complementary and bottom wears.

Let’s catch out the evenest list of girls tops to set your wardrobe on fast-track this season.

Bodysuit Tops

Trendy Tops for 2017
Image Souce: India Rush

A bodysuit top looks just like a swimsuit but has many stupendous features. It is one-piece body fitted garment which is tight on the crotch zone and can be loose or free on the torso. It all depends on your style selection if you wish to select full sleeves, half sleeves, butterfly sleeves, or any other kind of sleeves or cuffs or collars.

Style Mashup: Wear yours with palazzos, skirts, figure catching jeans, and culottes.


Semi Sleeved Halter Top

Trendy Tops for 2017
Image Courtesy: Forever 21

Such a cool and free combo are this! Have you ever thought of living a corporate life with a cool mind and happy heart? I know, it is next to impossible but can be tried if you wear a cold shoulder + halter neck + striped top. Isn’t this a cool number?

Style Mashup: Try this type of number with contrasting bottom wears. And try to avoid frilled or baggy skirts, jeans or any type of bottom wear.


Layered Shirt

Trendy Tops for 2017
Image Source: StalkBuyLove

A classic hit when you are heading out to a serious meeting but in your most snappy moods. This is a basic type of shirt but features an extra layering. It also has dual shades and colour block patterns to help you pose the most attractive looks.

Style Mashup: Wear it with a pencil skirt or ripped denim. Apply light foundation or just primer and complement your complete dress with stud earrings.


Asymmetrical Top

Trendy Tops for 2017
Image Source: India Rush


If you are petite and want some kind of illusion in the list, then add quirk with asymmetrical tops. As their name suggests, these dresses for women are asymmetrical or has unequal halves.

Style Mashup: Team them up with clinging bottom wears to showcase the swirl of the top.


One Side Off Shoulder Top

Trendy Tops for 2017
Image Source: DHGate

This is the year’s hit! In this type of online dresses, you will find only one sleeve complete while the other part will look like off shouldered. They come in different patterns and designs but all are wonderful to give at least a try.

Style Mashup: Pair them with fabricated chokers and brag off like a princess.


Bralette Top

Trendy Tops for 2017
Image Source: Misguided

Can you go little bolder? Yes, this for the all the Kardashians around! Try out bralette top with boot leg jeans or palazzos to get most of the attention. You can some bronze to your cleavage area and can add stars to your complete appeal.

Style Mashup: Another path to wear this is with a long frilled shrug or extremely tight long shirt which you can open it up and strut.

Write us what we missed and which one has attracted you more on the StyleDotMe app. We are waiting for it peeps…

If money was no object what would you add to your closet?


How amazing would it be if money is of no concern while shopping!!  

Well, of course, every other girl would like to grab each and every possible thing that would go perfectly with her curves. So if there were no money boundation I would have chosen the following variants of clothes in my wardrobe.

If money was no object what would you add to your closet?


Today’s generation is totally into western clothes as they think they look cool and comfortable and no doubt it is correct to some extent. But when it’s about priorities and money has no bar I would select the traditional ones at the first. The main reason why I would like to choose these kinds of attire is very predictable that every Indian girl looks beautiful when it comes to suits, sarees or lehengas.If money was no object

If money was no object

If money was no object


A-line and off shoulder dress are the ones that have changed the era of women dresses in 2017. Therefore not selecting them would do them no justice. So I would keep these dresses on the second on my priority list and take them as many as possible.

If money was no object

If money was no object


People usually avoid casual clothes because they always think of having party wear dresses and all but I would love to add casual and loose t-shirts and tops and with them would shop for cool flip-flops which complement them.

If money was no object

If money was no object

Shorts and skirts

These are the best thing designers would have made for girls like me. I would grab all the different patterns and designs of shorts & skirts, from denim to cotton everything. These are something that goes with every top or t-shirt wear.

If money was no object

If money was no object

Shoes and Sandals

 You are not completely dressed until and unless you don’t have a pair of branded shoes and sandals. Shoes always add a class to our outfit whereas sandals or rather I would say heels makes you look sexier than ever, every time you walk, you walk like a queen.These are something that is meant to be every girl’s choice. There are numerous varieties of shoes and sandals available in the market like sneakers, boots, lace sandals, brogues, pencil heels, wedges and much more. I would grab them all.

If money was no object

If money was no object

If money was no object

If money was no object


If money was no object, what else will you buy? Tell us now on the StyleDotMe app.


Heya girlies! We hope you are aware of our favourite season which is being crazily popular in the entire country. Monsoon? No. We are talking about the Sale Season. So, it is a sale going on everywhere on most of the offline stores and also major online stores. And we have always seen Sarojini haul or Colaba Causaway haul so we thought to bring for you an online shopping haul. We searched for some of the best and cheap outfits for you which you can grab in this sale season. These products are handpicked keeping the fresh trends in mind and we hope you love this because the prices are just awesome.


This blue top is something perfect to pair with the formal outfits as well as some casual lowers too.




If you get to buy such a top at such a price, then nobody is going to leave it. Plus it’s of Forever 21.

PRICE – INR 274.



We cannot get over the fringe till now and this mesh fringe shrug is something to fulfill our desires.

PRICE – INR 359.



This is such a gorgeous piece and the acid washed effect and the patchwork is the trendiest jeans you will keep your hands on.

PRICE – INR 579.



Sporty crop tops are always in fashion and are always the best for the casual get together. S

PRICE – INR 209.



This vest is not only an ethnic wear but a very fancy item which can create some great BOHO vibes when paired with chunk jewelry.




You can obviously never say No to black and a basic black tee is always a must have staple in the wardrobe.

PRICE – INR 239.



I am obsessed with the stars and this black short dress is something I can’t keep my eyes off. What about you?

PRICE – INR 399.



If you are getting a BRANDED jeans at just 500 bucks, I don’t think you would ever wish for anything else.

PRICE – INR 549.



Kook and Keech is a brand which never disappoints us and this midi straight shift yellow dress is a must have this season.

PRICE – INR 329.



This boyfriend denim with the stars all over it is so cute to resist. This is a piece you must never reject.

PRICE – INR 509.



If you are someone who is a total brand conscious and yet budget is also your concern. Grab this shrug by Biba at a negligible price.

PRICE – INR 319.



If you get a sexy dress from Sarojini, it is great. But when it is from Forever 21, it is not a deal, it is a steal.

PRICE – INR 377.



Who doesn’t love off shoulders? They are the cutest tops to have and this off shoulder top with cute prints is so pretty.

PRICE –  INR 269.



This pink and black net bralette is so sexy and irresistible. They are decent and sexy at the same time.

PRICE – INR 256.


These were some of our favourite products from the sale season and the prices could change anytime after the sale, so go shop, right now.

Holaa. I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger and writer with a deep love for fashion and travelling. A commerce post graduate Symbian and an aspiring fashion stylist. A StyleDotMe content team member working for giving great reading experience on everything trending to all.

8 Times Celebs Slayed the Suit-Up Style Like a Pro!

Suit up style! You all must be wondering this blog will be related to male celebrities but, no this time our beauties are nailing the suit up looks like a pro!

Below are some excellent looks that we all can rock at a party or office.

Suit Style Looks

Kangana Ranaut

suit style

Kangana looks hot AF in this H&M pinstriped suit with bold glasses and a red pout.


Anushka Sharma

suit style

Anushka looked gorgeous in this metallic Roberto Cavalli blazer and flared trousers.


Esha Gupta

suit style

Esha Gupta slayed in this lace pantsuit look from Zara.


Shilpa Shetty Kundra

suit style

Shilpa Shetty Kundra was spotted wearing a velvet Zara blazer clubbed with flared cropped pants with  Steve Madden shoes.


Diana Penty

suit style

Diana Penty takes the metallic route in this steel grey ASOS suit, Swarovski jewellery and Louboutin bag and shoes.


Vaani Kapoor

suit style

Vaani Kapoor makes an exciting fusion statement by wearing an Indian silk suit by  Payal Khandwala.


Gigi Hadid

suit style

Gigi Hadid looks like the rockstar she is in a head-to-toe metallic look from Tommy X Gigi collection.


Kendall Jenner

suit style

Kendall Jenner brings back 60’s glamour in this double breasted wide legged pant-suit.

These were some of the suit-up looks. Let us know which one did you like.

For more updates check out the STYLEDOTME app.

(All images have been sourced from Pinterest)
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YouTube sensation Vidya Vox is giving us some major outfit goals

Everyone must have come across this startling YouTube sensation Vidya Vox who frames unique mashup covers of Bollywood and Hollywood tracks. As much as we love her mashups, we love her outfits. They are so appealing, that we often find our mouths ajar just gazing at her #OOTD’s. Like her mashups, she has got a true clasp on fashion as well. She knows how to blend western and Indian elements altogether and understands the perfect amount of  desi charm she needs in her outfits to match up to her mashup themes. Here are some of her OOTD’s that make her our new favourite on the fashion scene and honestly, we can’t wait to try ’em all.

1. Miss Elegant drenched in bohemian accessories

Adding an unexpected, bohemian touch to a sophisticated attire. How divergent yet amazing is that?

Vidya Vox-1


2. We heart the beautiful coalition of ‘Juttis’ & ‘Shorts’

We’ve all seen and paired our shorts with sneakers and sandals but how about juttis and payals? 10 points to miss Vox for that! 😉

Vidya Vox-2


3. Jazzing up a casual look with printed boots

Keeping aside our all time favourite white kicks, we are loving those printed tan boots. What about you?

Vidya Vox-3


4.Not a rigid follower of ‘Fashion Rules’

A complete head turner look. Who says your kurti has to go with a Patiala or leggings? Miss Vox is making her own fashion statement with an embellished kurta paired up with heels & golden accessories.

Vidya Vox-4


5. Sometimes it’s okay to give up the glamour

Going easy breezy with tan boots and a comfy sweater dress is the best thing that we all can do.

Vidya Vox-5


6. Adding a little bit of ‘Bappi Lehri’ swag

How about pairing up golden jewellery with sneakers and rugged jeans? We’re loving how she kept the balance and did not overdo it because we all know what it would look like otherwise…do we need to even say more? 😛

Vidya Vox-6


7. Bringing some ‘Indo-chic’ vibes

We guess she has done some PhD in styling Indian wear in the most effortless ways. Don’t you think so?

Vidya Vox-7


8. ‘Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be’. Well, YESS!

Honestly, this blue hair colour looks magical with a baby pink bomber jacket and denim skirt. We’re not getting over it anytime soon!

Vidya Vox-8

Image source: Google & Vidya Vox

So, We are all ready to try out these looks. Are you too? Tell us which one did you like the most and would definitely try. Show off your looks by #Sdmdaily on Instagram to get featured. For any queries, you can always seek SyleDotMe’s expert help! 😀


I am a creative fashion influencer showcasing a variety of fashion looks and has great passion to write contents related to fashion. Stylist, content writer, photographer, reviewer are some of the words that describe me.