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Refreshing the Online Shopping Experience with Tech – abof

There is a lot of technology involved when it comes to online fashion retail. But with sites like abof, it is not difficult to decipher it. Abof is introducing powerful features with specific applications to ensure that the customer enjoys an immersive and assuring shopping experience. Therefore, from personalized feed that helps you explore new looks to tools that determine exact fits, the technologies that drive fashion are versatile, smart and make things much simpler.

The 3D Change Room

abof online fashion

The biggest uncertainty of shopping online lies in the fear that you will get an ill fitting piece. Abof’s 3D change room tool uses state of the art imaging tech to fix this problem. The main aim of the feature is to figure out the perfect fit. Thus, you can virtually try out clothes on an online avatar whose measurements you edit to reflect yours. Deployed in collaboration with UK based Metail, this powerful fitting tool is one of the prominent features of abof’s shopping experience. Abof’s 3D change room feature is one of those fun features that customers can try out all day. It can be used as a discovery tool to try out new eclectic outfits. Probably the ones you stayed away from in a regular shopping trip.


Visual Search

abof online fashion

Visual search is your best bet for a more accurate result of something you have seen and wish to buy online. Abof’s visual search feature is powered by the Cloud Sight technology and with this tool, all you need to do is just take a picture of the clothes you like, upload and wait for the results to see if the abof inventory stores it. Hence, you have the luxury of finalising your wardrobe from the comfort of your home.


Personalized Feed

abof online fashion

Creating engaging content is all about providing context that a site visitor can relate to. Most fashion retail content in Indian websites is a full frontal sales pitch. The blaring digits and discounts overshadow the personal and unique aspect of fashion. Hence, abof’s approach to content steers clear from this much-used trope. With the use of interactive platforms and smart data technology, the personalized ‘What’s Hot’ feed provides content based on a user’s preferences. Style tips and product recommendations provide the connection between this customized content and the retail aspect. Apart from this, abof features fashion news on celebs and updates on the trends that are hot from all over the world. With such a medley of topics, abof provides an immersive fashion landscape for visitors through smart content.


One-Touch Returns and 24 Hour Refunds

abof online fashion

After-sales experience is where a lot of websites lose their customers. Abof has an competitive edge here. It has features and assurances that address these concerns. A one-touch returns feature helps in simplifying a complicated procedure for a lot of other sites. 24-hour refunds ensure there is no longer an uncertain wait for the refundable money.

Thus, technology and smart content is being interwoven to make abof stand apart from other fashion retailers. From accurate shopping to search tools, abof provides a complete end-to-end experience that makes them come back for more. It’s customized feed that helps customers explore new styles is a one of its kind feature.


Keep the style quotient high this monsoon with these special monsoon accessories!

Monsoon is here! And it’s time to shop and wander around the places with your pals. If you are planning for a movie, or to hang around with your friends.  Or going on a date? Well, we are here to help you out with some of the coolest rainwear.

#Raincoat 1

monsoon wears














Shop here: Rosy red raincoat


#Raincoat 2

monsoon wears










Shop here: Blooming blue rainwear


#Raincoat 3

monsoon wears














Shop here: Checkered sleeves raincoat


#Waterproof brogues:

monsoon wears












Shop here: White vinyl brogues


# Monsson Sliders:

monsoon wears












Shop here: Black vinyl gliders

Keep your style game high this monsoon with these stylish monsoon wears. This will not only make you look smart but also keep you safe from the waters.

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Shopping that favourite Pinterest look….!


Do you often scroll through Pinterest?
And ponder on the thought of where to buy such outfits from?
From Sarojini of Delhi or Colaba of Mumbai,
Like should you hunt for it in Zara or be ‘Forever 21’?

But then you just don’t make a move, because it’s weekend with a temperature of 41 degrees Celsius outside.
You like them all- but want them to just appear magically in the wardrobe,
Because you can’t go hunting for them.

Well, fret not! Presenting to you some awesome summer outfits, with a link to buy them
Whilst in the comfort of your sweats pants.

So let’s scroll, to own the look.

DISCLAIMER: The images are for reference purposes, the actual product may differ slightly.

Look #1

Style name: Semi-formals.

A trouser+a crop top/tee shirt.

Buy the look
Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

Buy the look:




Look #2

Style name: Casual

A comfy dress.

Buy the look
Pic Courtesy: Pinterest.

Buy the look:

Dress option 1

Dress option 2


Look #3

Style name: Summery!


Buy the look
Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

Buy the look:




Look #4

Style name:  Eclectic!

crop top+shorts+checks shirt.

Buy the look
Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

Buy the look:

Crop top



Look #5

Style name: Street Style.

crop top + checks shirt+ shorts.

Buy the look
Pic Courtesy: Pinterest


















Buy the look:

Crop top

Checks Shirt

Shorts: Refer look #3.

So now shop for your favourite look from the comfort of your home and sass out the summer style!

And if you’re confused, you know where to head…the StyleDotMe app 😉


Heya girlies! We hope you are aware of our favourite season which is being crazily popular in the entire country. Monsoon? No. We are talking about the Sale Season. So, it is a sale going on everywhere on most of the offline stores and also major online stores. And we have always seen Sarojini haul or Colaba Causaway haul so we thought to bring for you an online shopping haul. We searched for some of the best and cheap outfits for you which you can grab in this sale season. These products are handpicked keeping the fresh trends in mind and we hope you love this because the prices are just awesome.


This blue top is something perfect to pair with the formal outfits as well as some casual lowers too.




If you get to buy such a top at such a price, then nobody is going to leave it. Plus it’s of Forever 21.

PRICE – INR 274.



We cannot get over the fringe till now and this mesh fringe shrug is something to fulfill our desires.

PRICE – INR 359.



This is such a gorgeous piece and the acid washed effect and the patchwork is the trendiest jeans you will keep your hands on.

PRICE – INR 579.



Sporty crop tops are always in fashion and are always the best for the casual get together. S

PRICE – INR 209.



This vest is not only an ethnic wear but a very fancy item which can create some great BOHO vibes when paired with chunk jewelry.




You can obviously never say No to black and a basic black tee is always a must have staple in the wardrobe.

PRICE – INR 239.



I am obsessed with the stars and this black short dress is something I can’t keep my eyes off. What about you?

PRICE – INR 399.



If you are getting a BRANDED jeans at just 500 bucks, I don’t think you would ever wish for anything else.

PRICE – INR 549.



Kook and Keech is a brand which never disappoints us and this midi straight shift yellow dress is a must have this season.

PRICE – INR 329.



This boyfriend denim with the stars all over it is so cute to resist. This is a piece you must never reject.

PRICE – INR 509.



If you are someone who is a total brand conscious and yet budget is also your concern. Grab this shrug by Biba at a negligible price.

PRICE – INR 319.



If you get a sexy dress from Sarojini, it is great. But when it is from Forever 21, it is not a deal, it is a steal.

PRICE – INR 377.



Who doesn’t love off shoulders? They are the cutest tops to have and this off shoulder top with cute prints is so pretty.

PRICE –  INR 269.



This pink and black net bralette is so sexy and irresistible. They are decent and sexy at the same time.

PRICE – INR 256.


These were some of our favourite products from the sale season and the prices could change anytime after the sale, so go shop, right now.

Holaa. I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger and writer with a deep love for fashion and travelling. A commerce post graduate Symbian and an aspiring fashion stylist. A StyleDotMe content team member working for giving great reading experience on everything trending to all.

Sail your summer in style with these 7 alternatives to jeans

With summer dribbling right at our door, it’s time to break the basic rut. To the days when you wish to feel comfortable yet want to look alluring, investing in jeans doesn’t seem appealing and for this reason, we’ve got 7 alternatives to jeans that will help you to spice up your #OOTD’s instantly and will become your BFF this summer.

  1. Wide Leg Pants

    Are you a big admirer of pink? If yes, then this Pink Priscilla wide leg pant channelling the 70’s vibe is a perfect option for you.

    Alternatives to Jeans - 1
    Click here to buy.

  2. Flare Jersey Trousers

    Amidst an ocean of tapered styles, flared hems look reviving. Indulge yourself in some flare affair with this flattering “Tier Hem Flare Jersey Trousers.”

    alternatives to jeans - 2
    Click here to buy.

  3. Wrap Around Pants

    How about some apron-style trousers? This fresh and Indian Chic look is quite the conquistador, ladies.

    Click here to buy.

  4. Palazzo

    The great thing about palazzo pants are that they feel like pyjamas but look like skirts. They add a feminine touch instantly and looks ‘Oh So Pretty’.

    Alternatives to jeans - 4
    Click here to Buy.

  5. Culottes

    Culottes are a complete head turner plus they are super comfy. The cropped tops have ruled your heart and now it’s time to show some love to cropped trousers.alternatives to jeans - 5
    Click here to Buy.

  6. Joggers

    ‘The most comfortable trousers in the world’ award shall go to joggers. It’s the new must-have style and it’s influencing the street style currently. They are no longer worn just for work out but have become a new wardrobe essential.

    alternatives to jeans - 6
    Click here to buy.

  7. Cuffed Trousers

    Looks formal, but can help you to clear your “aaj kya pehnu” dilemmas for brunch. Also, please notice the ring buckle. Oh, we are so in love with this!

    alternatives to jeans - 7
    Click here to buy.

    So girls are you ready to try these alternatives to jeans this summer? For instant fashion advice, you can switch to StyleDotMe app. 😀

I am a creative fashion influencer showcasing a variety of fashion looks and has great passion to write contents related to fashion. Stylist, content writer, photographer, reviewer are some of the words that describe me.

When PC Jeweller understood every girl’s love for Jewellery!

Surviving in the 21st Century is tough. Isn’t it? If it’s not for all the heartbreaks and life complications, there is always need to look good, to look different. But imagine this! Life gives you a chance one day and just like Alice, you are taken into a Wonderland- a land of complete pampering, a land full of jewellery!

Do you also feel like riding along? Grab your seats, fasten your seatbelt and swooshhhh…here we go:



Thatbohogirl in pc jeweller collection


Thatbohogirl in pc jeweller collection


Thatbohogirl in pc jeweller collection


Thatbohogirl in pc jeweller collection


Thatbohogirl in pc jeweller collection

Our very own, thatbohogirl aka Kritika Khurana (@thatbohogirl)  pampered herself this Valentines with the new PC Jeweller collection, and she couldn’t stop going gaga over it. She was all praises for the young and peppy collection they had to offer.




Niki Mehra in pc jeweller collection


Niki Mehra in pc jeweller collection


Niki Mehra in pc jeweller collection


Niki Mehra (@nikimehra) couldn’t resist herself too when she came to know about this new PC Jeweller collection. Looking as stunning and glamorous as always, she added oomph to the diamonds too.



styleonwings in pc jeweller collection


styleonwings in pc jeweller collection


styleonwings in pc jeweller collection


styleonwings in pc jeweller collection

Dressed in hot red, Malvika Gupta (@styleonwings) sizzled the PC Jeweller collection with her style. She found it to be perfect for a date or any small family function. Much Wow we have to say.



Cherry Jain in pc jeweller collection
Cherry Jain in pc jeweller collection


Cherry Jain in pc jeweller collection


Giving us some PopXO inspiration, Cherry Jain (@muchtoomuch) added some glitter to her simple black outfit with these super stylish PC Jeweller pieces. So that’s how you add some “POP” to your style.



Deeksha in PCJ collection


Deeksha Khurana (@deekshakhurana ) tried both the ethnic and western designs and looked gorgeous in all. Resistance was futile, she said as she couldn’t stop drooling over the entire collection at the store.

Screechhhh….and HALT! It’s time to go back! 🙁

So how was your ride? If your eyes are still dazzling with the shimmer of those diamonds and if you’re still stuck in the dreamland, we’d suggest that you drop in one of that PC Jeweller stores and check out their young and peppy collection.

The fashion bloggers couldn’t resist themselves, will you be able to?

P.S. Don’t forget to post your stunning looks on the Styledotme app.


You can find me getting excited over little things in the corridors of LSR. Reading is pure unadulterated pleasure to me. Inquisitive by nature, I love debating on newly acquired insights with my friends.


Do you like staying on top of your game every season? Hey there, me too and I guess all of my girl squad too. So we have this dilemma before every party or concerts (or just stepping out of the house) how to dress up differently this time and I swear this is the most difficult question to answer. And in the quest of answering this question I came up with this list of the most trending dresses in 2017. Lets try to add some variety to our closet.

If dressing up is your style mantra and you love reading about fashion, let’s perhaps talk about some piece of dress that we came across or adorned in a party or an event or on a fashion blogger we stalked on instagram.

So let’s find a dress which will compliment your style and fit just perfectly in your wardrobe.

1. Lace-up Dress

Well, lace- up is the new trend be it in tops, dresses, jeggings and even shoes. It is getting so much attention worldwide because it gives a sense of mystery and sensuality. Isn’t that what every women desire? Every body-type can wear a lace up detail dress. You can opt for a conservational lace-up that will increase your fashion quotient and still let you cover up, or can go total sassy in those deep lace up designs.
PS : Try doing DIY to your old dresses which are lying in burried in your cupboard.

Body type – Any body type can wear it according to the design
Style Tip – Wear it with an elegant pair of heels and a classy statement earring/ hand cuff
Best brands – Forever 21, H&m, Koovs, SR Strore



SR Store
Forever 21



So there are days when I am in no mood to play dress up but still wanna look chic (Don’t laugh at me, am sure everyone has those days, right? ). I found this amazing solution to my dilemma, my solution is called “Sit at home” haha just kidding; it is called T-shirt dress. They are like tees, just a little longer. They have a loose fitting and are so comfortable that you’ll never wanna take it off. Also if you are trying to hide those flabs, then go for it.

Style Tip – Wear them in hot summers with sneakers and you can team them up with legging or denim jacket in winters.
Best brands – Forever21, H&m, Koovs, Lifestyle, Missamore


Forever 21


I am so obsessed with cut-out dresses, I may accidentally fill my whole wardrobe with it this year. It makes you feel so girly and helps you flaunt whatever you want. I just did a DIY with an old dress and cut-out two diamond shape pieces from the waist and now it gives an illusion of a slimmer waist. So what are you waiting for? Try out for yourself.

Body type – Depends on the position of your cut-outs
Best brands – Koovs, Stalkbuylove, Forever21, Dressberry, Jabong, Zara

SR Store


Another trend which is capturing the market by the storm, and am pretty sure you would have something related to it in your wardrobe (If not anything else, there would surely be a choker somewhere). This was a 90s trend which is recently resurfacing everywhere. Choker dress is a modification to the choker accessory as we would like to add it all over our attires. The choker is attached to the dress giving a very dressed up and sensual look.

Style Tip – Here since choker is the main element, don’t wear statement accessories which will grab attention from the choker.
Best brands – Missamore, Stalkbuylove, Zara, Koovs



If you like your skin to give some show, step into off shoulder dress. The current off-the-shoulder trend is one of the hottest looks this season and there’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t join in. It has bohemian vibes; and gives a fun, playful and girly look. Also it can be worn from dusk till dawn.

Body Type – Women with flaunting collar bones
Style Tip – Wear it with strappy sandals for a day look, and step into heels for a night look.
Best Brands – Stalkbuylove, Forever21, Koovs, Lifestyle



This is the hottest trend; from your friend’s party to the red carpet, we have seen it everywhere. The bare legs gives illusion of longer legs and who doesn’t like that. Slits can vary – it can be in the front or at the sides, also it can stretch up to your thighs or stop at your knees. You can carry the slit however you are comfortable with, there are no rules, you just have to be your confident self. The slits give a sure shot aura of sexiness.

Style Tip – Wear it with stilettos to give length to your legs
Best Brands – Stalkbuylove, Sr Strore, Forever21

SR Store


Do you like looking like you own the world? If yes, this is what you need in your wardrobe this year. These have evolved from a tuxedo Men’s suit and given a perfect formal get-up for women. Never knew a formal dress can look this fashionable and class-apart. You can also wear a blazer and skirt to get this look if you are unable to find a tuxedo dress.

Body Type – Women with heavy hips should avoid it
Style Tip – Wear it with stiletto heels and statement earrings
Best Brands – Missguided,, Stalkbuylove



Have Kardashians filled your feeds everywhere with their pencil dresses flaunting their curves and do you think you have the confidence to carry those tight dresses? If your answer is yes, then now is the time to flaunt your curves. Pencil dresses are narrow and straight like a pencil with a slightly tailored hem falling at or below the knees.

Style Tip – Pencil dresses are mostly monochrome so style it with statement accessories
Best Brands -Dorothy Perkinks, FabAlley, Forever21, Koovs

Trending dresses in 2017
SR Store
Dorothy Perkins


Top 5 Subscription Boxes In India

Who doesn’t love waking up in the morning and receiving a box of the latest trends out there? Subscription boxes are just the craze every woman must know of. These subscription boxes range from the most recent fashion to cosmetics and lifestyle to jewellery. Curated by professionals, these provide the latest products at your doorstep at an affordable rate.

Here are 5 subscription boxes you need to know about:

#1. Sugarbox

One of the most popular over social media, Sugarbox sends you a prettily packaged box of the latest full-sized products in beauty, lifestyle, fashion and food delivered at your doorstep. At Sugarbox, you can also order previous boxes or buy single products at Rs 1499 per month.



#2. The Fab Bag

These are the most personalised subscription boxes you could find. When you sign up at The Fab Bag, you also have to fill a beauty profile. They then personalise the box according to your preferences. With 3-4 new products each month, you also get a versatile bag with a funky theme each month at Rs 599 per month.

the fab bag


#3. My Envy Box

One of the leading subscription box company, My Envy Box sends you a box of 4-5 trial size luxury beauty products. This is the best to try if you want to try luxury brands like Roberto Cavalli, Estée Lauder and Sephora. They also offer Jewellery boxes in which they send you 2-3 designer pieces every month. The beauty box would cost you Rs 850 per month and the jewellery box at Rs 2450 per month.

my envy box


#4. MSM Box

Another popular one is MSM box, delivering ‘a lot in a little’ every month. Their goal is to help you get the best products in skincare by curating boxes that suit every skin and hair type. You get full sized products as well as deluxe samples in your box starting at just Rs 595 per month.

msm box


#5. Lady Raga

Other than all the above mentioned, Lady Raga is another subscription box you would not want to leave. At Rs 666 per month, Lady Raga sends you a bag of a mix of 3-5 full sized or sample sized jewellery, lifestyle and beauty products. It’s a great way to keep yourself up to date with the latest beauty products in the market.

lady raga subscription boxes


Subscription boxes are an excellent way to be in trend and also to save your money. I hope now you can choose what suits you best and invest.



I’m a 19 year old fashion ehthusiast. Physicist by day and an artist by night.
I love experimenting, researching and creating trends. 🖖🏻

6 Celebrity bags to steal right now!

We are back with yet another interesting blog. I know all of us go gaga when we see our B-Town beauties carrying stylish bags. Below is a list of some super chic celebrity bags that you can surely steal.

1. Deepika Padukone

Deepika definitely caught our eyes with this Gucci green and red striped bag.

celebrity bags-1

2. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The prettiest woman of Bollywood carried this classic Givenchy Maroon bag to the airport.

3. Kareen Kapoor Khan

Kareena never fails to impress us with her amazing fashion sense, she was seen carrying a Hermes black handbag.

Celebrity bag 3

4. Bipasha Basu

This hot Bengali beauty styled her look on valentines with this red floral Gucci bag.

celebrity bags 4

5. Malaika Arora Khan

Malaika is no doubt the most glamorous woman, she was seen carrying this black and white Balenciaga bag.

celebrity bags 5

6. Amy Jackson

This channel back bag can make a casual look stylish instantly.

celebrity bags 6

These were some celebrity bags to steal. For more fashion and style updates check out STYLEDOTME app.

Fashion Blogger

Sale Shopping: 20 Best Outfit Deals to Steal Right Now

Sale season is our favorite season. It tops and satisfies all our needs. After all, shopping lust never ends. Most of our weekends are spent shopping in Sarojini, but what if you get branded clothes at low prices? Yes, we mean the sale season on the online shopping portals. Browse below and drool over this mind blowing deals and make quick purchases. Get over flea and fall in love with online shopping.


1. Two crop tops at a price of not even one. Lesser than that. Buy it here.

sale shopping

Get them at FLAT 50% OFF.

2. It is really tough to find such a pretty bell sleeved top for just 350 bucks even in Sarojini. Buy it here.

sale shopping

Grab this deal at FLAT 50% off.

3. This is for all those who love to play sexy even in the simplest outfits. Don’t wait. Rush. Buy now here.

sale shopping

This is at 56% OFF.

4. Basics are my favorite but I am a devil dressed like an angel. See the surprise in it. Buy it here.

sale shopping

It has an offer of 40% off and is only for 359 bucks.

5. Pair this crop top with maxi skirts for the desi look and a dungaree for a western look. Buy it here.

What better than a Global Desi top at 50% off.



6. Grab this ultra-sexy LBD through sale shopping at mind bobbling price. Buy it here.

Make it yours at 65% off.

7. A perfect dress for the workplace and even for the dates. Sale shopping couldn’t get better. Buy it here.

sale shopping

It is at FLAT 70% off and costs less than 400 bucks.

8. This shift dress is a must want for the coming summers. The sale shopping is jaw dropping. Buy it here.

blue dress


Purchase it at 69% OFF.

9. Denim is the boss and so is this denim jumpsuit. Buy it here and own it like a boss.

The price of it is slashed by 40%.



10. Why compromise on style while chilling in the hills if you can get such a trendy jacket for just 600 bucks? Buy it here.

sale shopping

60% OFF. What better?

11. Winter is almost over but not completely over. So, I can definitely buy this waistcoat. Buy it here.

sale shopping

It is under 500 with 30% OFF.


12. For the love of Indo-Western and sale shopping, this is a fantastic deal. Buy it here.


It is only for  Rs. 350 with 65% OFF.

13. Who can let this deal go? Flat 60% off on this flared skirt. I think I won’t. Buy it here.


40% OFF on this skirt.

14. Dorothy Perkins! Denim! Just for Rs 592. Sale shopping, I love you. So, buy it here.

Dorothy perkins

The price just went down by 65%.



15. Beige and golden are the colors of the year. Make this Soch kurti a part of your sale shopping. Buy it here.

sale shopping

It is at 50% OFF.

16. This Kurti is cuteness overloaded. Half the price makes it cute 100 times more. Buy it here.

This beauty is under 450 and at 45% off.



17. How could we hide our love for floral sneakers? This is the best deal I have across in the sale shopping. Buy it here.

floral sneakers

It is at 33% OFF.

18. ‘Even if I love sneakers and boots, I also love juttis and mojris’, feels every girl. Buy it here.

Indian bellies

It is at 69% OFF. WOWW!



19. Pastels never looked so fascinating. Thank you, sale shopping. Buy it here.

sale shopping

Price slashed by 50%

20. Hands down, one can never get such a classy and cute bag at a flea market at this price. Therefore, just buy it here.

Flee bag

This is at 45% OFF.


I am sure, you all must be lusting and drooling over many products from sale shopping. So, buck up, test your browsing speeds and get to work. 😉


Holaa. I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger and writer with a deep love for fashion and travelling. A commerce post graduate Symbian and an aspiring fashion stylist. A StyleDotMe content team member working for giving great reading experience on everything trending to all.