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What’s in your bag? 7 College girl essentials!

Tensed that you’re not prepared for college? Or just that you don’t know what things you should carry with yourself? Don’t worry! We got your back girlfriend. Here you’ll find all the information you need to make your college life smooth and easy-breezy. Find out what a college girl bag should have. Here are 7 things a college-going girl should carry in her bag : 1. Pen and Notebook Well, this one’s a bit too obvious, but critically important. Always have a couple of both so that you make a good impression on your professors. 2. Hand sanitizer and Wet wipes Imagine you’re sitting in your college canteen, just about to put that ‘as delicious as it gets in a college canteen’ food in your mouth and it hits you! You don’t know how dirty the benches were that you touched, or the door handles you used to open the door…

Saree trends you can definitely flaunt on your farewell

Farewell is almost here and its time to say goodbye to your teachers, classrooms, and classmates and move on to the next stage of life. It feels so bad when we know that school/college life is about to end. But the good part is the farewell party. Isn’t it? Farewells are always a good idea to be well-dressed. Everyone wants to look their best on this day, especially the girls. Most of them get to wear a saree for the first time in their lives and it’s almost crazy for them. Since every girl wants to look the best and wear something different on this day, they end up getting confused while shopping for their “Dream Farewell Saree”.  So here are some of the most famous saree trends of this season which you can definitely adorn this year and make your girl’s squad jealous. 1. DHOTI SAREE It is the…

7 Must Own Jean Styles for Women!

‘I hate jeans and I wish there could be a life without them.’ ‘Hey, but I love jeans and I cannot do a day without them.’ Which of the above sections you see yourself in? I am someone who is in between these. But, whatever that may be, a fashion world without jeans is seriously incomplete. No matter you love jeans or not, they are undoubtedly your ultimate go-to staple most of the time. So, since jeans are inseparable from our closet, we are talking about types of jeans every one of us should own. 1. FRINGED CUFF This is one of the best styles of jeans that we have seen this season.  The jeans whose cuffs are fringed are super trending and also look uber chic. The uneven ripped bottoms with fringes look stylish giving a fashionable break to the monotonous ends. 2. RIPPED DENIM The ripped denim is…

ColorDiaries: How To Slay A Lavender Look

Heads Up! It’s time to experiment- Lavender, the new color of the season. Keep the basics colors aside and break the monotony with this iconic romantic shade.I t might seem like a challenge to experiment with such a pale shade but we’re here to help you. We just can’t deny the fact what this pale yet so feminine color does miracles to an outfit. Lavender is a minimalistic shade but definitely a game changer this year. Gear up to add some unique shades of this beautiful color to your wardrobe ASAP! 1.The Classic Lavender Let’s start with this iconic beauty Kate Middleton making a statement with this beautiful lavender dress. If you’re planning to wear something elegant yet so classy then here is a perfect example. 2.Quirk Alert Co-Ords with chunky accessories is the right combination to slay a lavender look. The whole outfit looks incredible quirky and sexy at the same…

8 Chic Winter Trends Which Caught Our Eye This Winter!

Are you one of those who has a hard time choosing a chic yet warm outfit to beat the cold? Fear not! We got all winter trends covered for you. We’re here as your one-stop guide to rock any look with these Oh! so awesome winter trends which caught our eye. Give up on your all-time black leather jacket as there is so much more to pull off a fabulous look. You just can’t go wrong with these trends as they are the key pieces for a chic winter wardrobe. 1.Turtle Neck Sweaters Nothing ever really goes out of fashion as it all comes back to us. We just can’t deny that the turtleneck sweaters never really became old-fashioned. If one knows how to pull off a piece of clothing then nothing can stop you from slaying any look. Combine it with a pair of boyfriend jeans and oxford shoes for…

Gingham Pop- Let the styling begin!

Gingham is one of the biggest trends we saw this year and this is outfit is my take on the trend. Even though we have seen a lot of it in the summer, we are going to see a lot more of it through Fall and Winter and I can’t wait to style it in different ways. This outfit can be your casual brunch look, minimal but on trend and of course cute. I chose to pair a black and white gingham wrap skirt with a graphic white T-Shirt. This added a bit of colour to it. I believe the colour adds to the grace of the outfit, it brightens the mood and lifts the outfit up. The red detailing on the T-shirt gives the right amount of pop to the outfit. The classic monochrome print on the skirt can be dressed up or down as per your liking.  For…

Styling yellow the right way!

Summers are almost gone and monsoon has arrived. I still cannot get over these bright colours. Yellow is one of my favourite colours. I love how it matches the season. This dress is from SHOPCLUES sale. I loved the colour and that’s the sole reason I got this dress. Also not to forget the bell sleeves this dress has. I am totally in love with it. It looks so sleek and chic. I paired this dress with my nude peep toes from LIMEROAD and very minimum makeup. You can also carry a cute umbrella or a hat along. This look is perfect for a day out or a day at the beach when you do not feel like swimming or even a brunch date with your loved one. 😛 THE YELLOW-MELLOW LOOK Follow StyleDotMe for more such updates!

Top 8 college fest outfits that you would want to try!

Fests are an important part of fun and frolic when it comes to your college life. You have a list of fests lurking around the corner ready to be experienced as soon as you enter college. You definitely don’t want to miss your shot at looking the best on that day. Whether you’re a girl or a guy, we’ve got you all sorted for your perfect look based on your style. Let’s take a look at some trendy outfit ideas to successfully get through your college fest.

1. The jumpsuit look

Image result for jumpsuits for women
Jumpsuits can work for everyone! The look can also be figure-flattering if worn properly. Be it halter necks, belted style or a fitted one, this one clothing item can revamp your look and help you make a statement throughout the fest.

2. The crop top & boot-cut denims look

Image result for crop top with boot cut jeans
If you’re a street chic, this look is the best for your style. The most wonderful thing about boot cut jeans is that they’ll look good with practically anything. You already live in ever so trendy crop tops, so pair them with boot cut jeans and heels for a quick and easy look.

3. The short dress and cardigan look

Image result for short dress and cardigan college fest
Be it fitted or a flare one, short dresses are the easiest going outfit for your college fest. Floral and feminine is one way to go about this look, or you could even go the geeky route with putting some metallic glasses on and shine all through the fest.

4. The dungaree look

Image result for dungarees in college
College fest is all about looking out of the box. Dungarees are back again and are surely here to stay for a long time. So layer up your dungaree if it’s chilly outside or wear it with a crop top for a chic look on the fest day!

5. The denim jacket look

Image result for denim jacket boys in college

You can team up your denim jacket with a pair of chinos and boots for a smart casual combo. Also, go for slim fit jeans or trousers with your denim jacket look for the perfect outfit at your college fest!

6. The plaid shirt look

Image result for plaid shirt guy style in college
Whether you’re going for a smart look or channeling the 90’s grunge vibe, you can pull off this iconic shirt at your college fest with casual denim pants and a plain t-shirt inside and you’ll be good to go!

7. The casual printed T-shirt look

Image result for printed t shirt guy in college
This laid-back look requires minimum effort and hence still manages to make you look your stylish best on campus. So a pair of jeans teamed with a bright colored graffiti tee is all it will take for you to be a hit with the girls throughout your college fest!

8. The sporty sweatshirt look

Image result for sweatshirt guy college full look
A lightweight cotton sweatshirt makes for a versatile and comfortable layer that can be tied around your waist/shoulders during the day and thrown on when required for the perfect sporty look on your fest day. Also, you can go for a contrasting color to add a point of difference or go for the basics to rock your college fest!

Makeup Essentials under 499 Every College Girl Should Own

Hello, my lovely college girls. I know how fascinated you all are by makeup tutorials with expensive makeup products. Don’t worry you can look like a glamorous diva by using these products that are under Rs 499. Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation Need to go to a party after work but no time to visit the salon? Don’t worry, just reach out for the Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation. This foundation gives you even and glowing skin within minutes. It is only for 250 Rs. Lakme 9 To 5 Matte Lip Color Lakme 9 to 5 is only for 450 Rs, the smooth lipstick texture allows easy application, giving you a perfect finish. The Lakme 9 to 5 Matte Lip Color is a must have in your makeup kit. Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner If you want to define your eyes to perfection, then the Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner is the one for…