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Spilling Some Blogger Style Secrets Exclusively For You!

Watching our famous bloggers wear the trendiest outfits, posing in their best attires in the best profile make us jealous for sure. No matter how much we love them and drool over their pictures, we still somewhere feel that how can they look gorgeous every single time. There can be filters in the picture but there are no filters on their personal style. They wear the simplest outfits in such a glamorous way that it turns out to be a style statement. Let me dig into their personal styles and share some blogger style secrets with you so that you can also add an extra charm to your look in minutes. You will be ready for Instagram worthy pictures for sure. 1. STATEMENT EARRINGS To add that instant glam in your look, you can wear some quirky or big earrings and match the hairstyle accordingly. 2. LAYER IT UP…


One of the best parts about winters are the weddings. But is it really the best thing? Well, it is also a bane in the good hood because the major issue which occurs is styling those sexy desi outfits in the winters. You need to worry not about these because we are showing you here some Bollywood and Blogger styles in which you can style your sarees in winters. Trust me, these styles would not only keep you warm but would also keep your glamour quotient high. 1. THE BULKY SLEEVED BLOUSE The ruffles and the frills and already so trending. So, instead of a regular sleeveless blouse, get a beautiful ruffled or bulky sleeved blouse stitched. This would be surely different and would also keep you warm. 2. A Faux Fur Jacket If nothing suits your style, your one go to option can be wearing a basic fabric saree…


Taking care of our skin is very important and we have been hearing this line since ever. And you must be wondering what different are we going to cover up through this blog post today.

Our skin behaves differently in different seasons and taking care of it accordingly is important. In winters our skin becomes dull, dry, rough and tanned. So, clean up during the winters is also very important and you can do this at home in very easy steps. Let us see how to do facial clean up at home with your regular products. Make sure you do it step by step.


The first step for facial clean up at home is to wash your face with clean and normal water. Avoid warm water because normal water helps in maintaining a good temperature of your skin. After washing with cold water just wipe your face with rose water nicely. This removes the impurities and helps in skin glow. You can also use ice cubes on your face during this process.



You must wash your face with your regular face wash so that all tough other dirt particles are removed. You can cleanse your face then with either a milk cleanser or cold unboiled milk directly. Both would work the same way. This also retains the moisture back on your skin. Unboiled milk works like wonders during the winters.



Scrubbing makes your face free from all the impurities. The black heads, white heads, dull skin, dead skin, and tan tends to remove through scrubbing. Stick to whatever scrub that you are using already. Make sure it suits your skin type. Damp your face and scrub it. Massage for at least 15 minutes and this also improves the blood circulation on your face and cheeks.



Allow your face in the process of steam. Steam helps your face to open the pores and in this way, all the dirt particles of your face will remove and the pores will open and your skin will be more lively. This also gives a chance to your skin to breathe. So you can always do this step once in 15 days. During winters, this is the best thing you can do to your skin.



A face pack is very important for the process of facial clean up at home. It moisturisez your skin and helps in glowing as well. It also depends on the type of face pack that you are using. The ultimate goal for what you are using that particular face pack should be fulfilled. Apply it for 15 minutes and rinse it well.



During the winters, avoiding the moisturization is a big deal. In fact we have to moisturize the skin daily in this season. So, the best way to moisturize is using a face cream or a moisturizer. You can also use aloe vera gel and this is one of the best things to nourish your skin. After this, just let your skin breathe.


These were some of the easiest steps to do face clean up at home during the winters. The steps are somehow similar to what we do in other seasons but the catch here is to use the correct products according to the season.


Winters are our favorite season and the reason being it for the most happening holiday season in December or for enjoying the cozy nights inside our blankets. But the chilly breeze actually harms your luscious hair locks even more than you can think. Losing the shine, dull texture and brittle effects are some issues we all face. Hence it becomes very important to take care of your mane during the winters. We list here few ways which are extremely essential pointers and you should include this in your winter hair care routine. 1. OILING TO THE CORE Oiling provides nutrition to the hair and helps in keeping it strong, silky, shiny and healthy. And in winters when our hair tends to become even drier, oiling properly becomes very important. So, try to use some kind of ayurvedic hot oils as that can be good during the winters in keeping you…

How to dress up when in TOK-YOOO!!

When you think of street fashion, Tokyo surely has its place. From being dressed up like dolls(literally) to wearing famous anime character overalls to some real funky styling, there is umpteen number of such trends. While one part of the crowd(mostly the younger ones) stick to these street styles, the other part of the crowd mostly dresses according to the seasons. People in Tokyo, take care of every detail to ensure perfection and here are some of the looks. Spring: During spring, the main fashion staples are trench coats and denim jackets. You can pair it with jeans and T-shirt or with a dress. Layering is preferred as it can get cold during the nights and a striped black and white tee comes handy for such layering.  Summer: The look is kept simple, as it can get quite hot during summers. Pull out your basics like dresses, shorts, camisole overlay…

Online Shopping Hacks you need to know before the Big Billion Day Sale

TO ALL THE SHOPAHOLICS OUT THERE, IT’s TIME TO GEAR UP! With the festive season round the corner, sales are inevitable and this weekend has a lot in store. The online shopping world is going crazayy as Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal have announced bumper sales. Flipkart is organising its Big Billion Days from 20th-24th September, Amazon has the Great Indian Sale from the 21st-24th September and Snapdeal is hosting its Unibox Diwali Sale too. Score the best products at the cheapest prices here with these tips, tricks and tools and get the most of your shopping list from the comfort of your home. #Favourite your Choices Scroll through the sites, ransack the portals, pick out your preferred choices and add them to the “favourites” section on the website. You will be updated as soon as any discounts are available for that product. This will save you a lot of…

Discovering the essence of Japanese beauty

I have been living in Japan for quite some time and have been admiring the beauty of the Japanese women. They have flawless and radiant skin. Wondering what would be the secret to such even toned skin, I interacted and found out that they use very simple techniques. Japanese food culture is one of the best in the world, as it consists lots of proteins and fibre. They are very important in maintaining the skin quality and the essence of Japanese beauty. Among them, rice water and green tea play a very important role in maintaining skin quality. Rice water: The leftover water after rinsing the rice (preferably Japanese or Basmati rice) is not wasted by the Japanese and is preserved for beauty usage. The rice water can be cooled to ice cubes, which you can gently rub on a freshly washed face using a cloth. This gives you instant…

10 hacks you need to know to keep yourself cool this summer!

It’s sticky, hot and humid outside like never before and it’s getting more and more difficult to get out of the house. When you actually go out your frustration levels rise up like Delhi’s temperature. So what to do? Worry not as I bring to you 10 hacks you need to know to keep yourself cool this summer! Loose clothes is the key Think of it as jazzing up your pyjamas into outfits. Yes, the fewer clothes you have touching you, the cooler is your body. Try forgetting the padded bra and befriend the soft bralettes The thicker the layers, the more sweaty is your chest. Therefore, some lightweight barrettes can make summer a bit better for you. Shop some cool  barrettes from  here Lightweight but structured tops are preferred. Light materials like cotton are favourable but, it is better if they have a structure like an…

TREND ALERT: Basket bags to amp up your fashion game

With the changing season comes a bag full of new trends putting all of us in a dilemma of what to add in our already bumped up a collection and which trend to let go. Trust us, it’s a task in itself but not this time around because we’ve got your back and we won’t let you splurge on something you’d regret. For Spring/Summer 2017, the one trend designers, retailers and celebrities approve of is the basket bags. Whether you are heading out for a day in the city, a brunch date or a vacation to Goa, a straw woven basket bag is a fail free option for every affair. No matter if you want to put up a super classic look or want to add leisure, basket bag would complete your summer arsenal. Here, we put 5 photos to prove that your summer wardrobe absolutely demands a basket bag.…

Uff Yeh Noor (Sonakshi Sinha’s looks decoded)

Sonakshi Sinha looks adorbs in her new film Noor and at StyleDotMe app, we are trying to decode her girl-next-door look! Sonakshi clearly slays it and makes us say “Uff Yeh Noor” each time she appears onscreen. So, let’s list down 5 of her journalist look-book and see if we can take some style inspirations from it. 1. Mischievous Noor Image Source: India Today Group As cute and mischievous as she looks in this pic, so is her style. Spects, a cap and an over-sized shirt – Nothing more is  needed to rock that chic yet street smart look. 2. Confused Noor   Image Source: The Express Tribune We all go through this phase in our lives where we are super confused about what we are doing with our lives! Don’t we? But, we can never be confused with our outfits/style with the StyleDotMe app. A palin kurti, a scarf ,…