Our Bollywood Celebs are giving us Fashion Lessons! How about you took some too?

Hola people! We at StyleDotMe are in a sarcastic mood today. We love Bollywood and were imagining a hypothetical situation where all our Bollywood celebs are in a Fashion class, and each one of them is giving us fashion lessons. So, we thought to jot down some and spread smiles. We love seeing you all with that smile. After all, we love seeing you all with that smile. 🙂 1. Alia Bhatt –  the cutest girl whom everyone loves Fashion Lesson: “Shut the mockery on you with the cutest and the most quirky and fun loving outfits.” 2. Varun Dhawan – the guy who you can hate or love but can’t ignore Fashion Lesson: “Flaunt your abs and every single outfit with total enthusiasm and leave no heads unturned towards you.” 3. Deepika Padukone – the girl who every guy has hots for Fashion Lesson: “Have…

20 Bollywood Reactions You Will Relate To If You Love Shopping

Bollywood is so freaking good. Want to express love? Sing a filmy SRK song and your girl is impressed. Planning to surprise your fiancée on valentines eve? Take her to a beautiful exotic dinner place. Want to smash the head of your ex? Learn the gaalis from Kareena in Jab We Met. We can all relate to Bollywood in some way. So, here are some fashion-comedy (fash-com) Bollywood reaction GIF  (inspired from our Bollywood rom-com) that all of us will relate to. Trust me, this is so us. All the time! HERE YOU GO… 1.When waiting in the line for a Forever 21 trial room. “When will my chance come?” 2. When you find the dress of your dreams, but it’s not your size. “Why did  I not join the gym before?” 3. When you have deep thoughts running in your mind because you can’t decide between two…