Planning To Get A Haircut? What about trying one of these short hairstyles this time?

Everybody seeks for a makeover at one point in their lives. Ditch The Usual And Try One Of These Iconic Short Hairstyles. We agree it takes a lot of confidence to cut your long hair but one needs to experiment to know what suits them the best. Give Bob or Pixie a try too! Who knows how amazing they turn out on your face cut. Confidence is the key to fashion and styling and if you have it then no one can stop you from being a stunner. Remember to #ALWAYS experiment as it’s going to surprise you every time and a hair makeover is definitely a game changer! What are you waiting for? It’s time to revamp your hair and try one of these iconic short hairstyles. 1.Fringe Fever Fringes are the best for wavy and straight hair and they never go out of fashion. It’s amazing a fringe with…

Top 4 effective daily skin care routine!

When you step out of your house, your skin, especially face is exposed to dirt, pollution, and heat. The dust and pollution can enter into your skin and can cause pimples and other skin problems so it becomes really very necessary to follow a daily skin care routine to keep your skin fresh and healthy. Going to a saloon on a daily basis for facial, cleansing or de-tan is not possible. Be it any skin type, normal, dry or oily, every girl should follow these steps on a daily basis, twice in a day. Clean skin is a Happy skin! Here are a few steps you can follow yourself for your daily skin care. 1. Cleansing Cleansing the skin removes the oil, dirt, and pollutants that your skin collects throughout the day. It’s the first and the basic step in your daily skincare routine. Throughout the day, your face is…

Home remedies to remove Holi Stains in minutes!

The ‘Rang Barse’ and ‘Balam Pichkari’ season is right here guys and we cannot keep calm. No matter how much we hate the after holi bath procedure but we absolutely love playing Holi. Be it with the dry colors or with those pakka rang, we enjoy this festival of colors to the core. We cannot also ignore the effects of the color on our skin and hair though. There are tonnes of articles talking about how to stay protected on Holi which we all will do. But, let me take to the reality zone. You would get the Holi on your skin and hair and hence you need to know how to remove them. So, here let us talk about how to deal with the Holi stains. SKIN 1. NO HOT WATER It is extremely wrong to take bath with hot water after playing Holi. Hot water can cause irritation…

Fight Frizzy Hair with these Homemade Masks

So, girls, I am sure most of you have faced the problem of dull, lifeless hair, more popularly known as frizzy hair.  No matter what your hair type is: curly, wavy or poker straight, you need a quick fix for it. Now, there are many products available in the market to help you out with your hair. But that just adds more and more to the chemical usage on your hair. I have created 5 hair masks from products you can find very easily in your kitchen. All these masks have been personally used by me and I am sure it will make your hair so much prettier than they already are! 1. Banana hair mask Banana has so many health benefits, but when it comes to hair, their sole purpose is to add shine and moisture to your hair. They make your hair more manageable by making it…

8 Times When Alia Bhatt Gave Us Major Outfit Goals!

We all look for an inspiration when it comes to Fashion. We need to accept that our main source of inspiration usually comes from celebrities. This time we picked up a fabulous actress who’s been charming everybody with her glamour- Alia Bhatt. Her unique style of dressing doesn’t fail to catch anybody’s attention. It’s amazing how effortlessly she carries any kind of style with grace and elegance keeping us all stunned. We’re here to make sure that you pick up some of Alia’s best looks and experiment with them because isn’t fashion all about that. 1.All White With A Twist It’s insane how elegantly she carries the color white. If you’re thinking of going casual then this is the perfect combination to go for. A color like white always pairs the best with denim. 2.Checks and Prints Don’t subject her style to a single category as she has an unpredictable…

Top 10 Upcoming Influencers Slaying Their Style Game Just Right

Wondering which women influencers/bloggers to follow on Instagram for some fresh style inspiration? We’ve got it all covered for you! Here is a list of emerging Influencers with their style game on point. We just can’t deny their eye for top quality fashion which is exactly what inspires each one of us. They have a powerful presence on Instagram as well as other social media platforms motivating us to experiment with fashion. Remember it’s not just fashion that defines them but there’s a lot more to each one of them. One can easily follow them by clicking on their pictures. 1.Divya Sharma Don’t underestimate this one as she’s going to give you some major fashion goals. She is a powerful fashion influencer with a carefully curated Instagram account slaying her style game with her fusion outfits. 2.Gopika You just can’t stop scrolling down while viewing her account as her posts will…

All About The New Makeup Collection – GIGI HADID X MAYBELLINE

Makeup is a medium to enhance your look which has become an essential part of self-grooming for young girls. If you are a  makeup lover and a Gigi fan there is a good news for you!! Gigi Hadid collaborates with Maybelline for a limited edition Makeup Collection. Through this collection, Gigi Hadid portrays her life as she sees it. The Makeup Collection basically has three signature looks – East Coast Glam and West Coast Glow and Jetsetter Palette East Coast Glam Collection Having a vibe of New York, the collection focuses on Gigi Hadid’s signature style. Nude lips and fierce cat eye being the key features. The makeup is all chic and smudgy. The collection features all neutral tones. It has two eye contour pallets, both having warm and cool shades. The collection also consists a special eye contour brush having narrow and flat sides. Also a black liquid liner for…


We all have the right to spoil ourselves once in a while for sure. We work hard and this is the best thing about this generation that we know our goals and ambitions. Since we work so hard, we save as well then definitely we must splurge once in a while too. I know you all will agree with me when I say we all have hots for Gucci, Chanel, Prada, and the list keeps on continuing. So, in your twenties, you must spoil yourself by splurging on these luxury brands. 1. MICHAEL KORS Are watches your favorite accessory? Hey, Same pinch! Watches are super classy and nothing beats its grace. MK is one of those luxury brands have the best collection and I am sure everyone who takes a glimpse at your wrist, would definitely fall in love with it. SOURCE 2. VICTORIA SECRETS The search for the perfect…

6 Christmas Gifts For All the Beauty Fanatics Out There!

Christmas is around the corner and everything is dipped in those frosty winter vibes with lights shining brightly to remind us of the festive season. And, which can be the better time than Christmas to come close to our friends? Spend the best time of the year with your dear ones by buying the best possible gifts. And, if you have friends who take extra care of their skin, then we have a list they would love you to choose from. Here, I am arming you with the 6 Christmas gifts all your beauty maniac friends would love. Christmas Gifts That All The Beauty Fanatics Will Fall In Love With! 1)Shay & Blue’s Latest Scents/ Jo Malone London Gift the love to your dear ones with this floral fragrance by Shay & Blue. This beautiful warm floral fragrance can be one of the best Christmas gifts for beauty lovers. The cost of 30…


Taking care of our skin is very important and we have been hearing this line since ever. And you must be wondering what different are we going to cover up through this blog post today.

Our skin behaves differently in different seasons and taking care of it accordingly is important. In winters our skin becomes dull, dry, rough and tanned. So, clean up during the winters is also very important and you can do this at home in very easy steps. Let us see how to do facial clean up at home with your regular products. Make sure you do it step by step.


The first step for facial clean up at home is to wash your face with clean and normal water. Avoid warm water because normal water helps in maintaining a good temperature of your skin. After washing with cold water just wipe your face with rose water nicely. This removes the impurities and helps in skin glow. You can also use ice cubes on your face during this process.



You must wash your face with your regular face wash so that all tough other dirt particles are removed. You can cleanse your face then with either a milk cleanser or cold unboiled milk directly. Both would work the same way. This also retains the moisture back on your skin. Unboiled milk works like wonders during the winters.



Scrubbing makes your face free from all the impurities. The black heads, white heads, dull skin, dead skin, and tan tends to remove through scrubbing. Stick to whatever scrub that you are using already. Make sure it suits your skin type. Damp your face and scrub it. Massage for at least 15 minutes and this also improves the blood circulation on your face and cheeks.



Allow your face in the process of steam. Steam helps your face to open the pores and in this way, all the dirt particles of your face will remove and the pores will open and your skin will be more lively. This also gives a chance to your skin to breathe. So you can always do this step once in 15 days. During winters, this is the best thing you can do to your skin.



A face pack is very important for the process of facial clean up at home. It moisturisez your skin and helps in glowing as well. It also depends on the type of face pack that you are using. The ultimate goal for what you are using that particular face pack should be fulfilled. Apply it for 15 minutes and rinse it well.



During the winters, avoiding the moisturization is a big deal. In fact we have to moisturize the skin daily in this season. So, the best way to moisturize is using a face cream or a moisturizer. You can also use aloe vera gel and this is one of the best things to nourish your skin. After this, just let your skin breathe.


These were some of the easiest steps to do face clean up at home during the winters. The steps are somehow similar to what we do in other seasons but the catch here is to use the correct products according to the season.