6 ways how Bow Ties can compliment your look!

Nothing says classy and dapper as a bow ties done right. Since their origin, they have gone high and low to go with the ever changing fashion industry. Even today bow ties stands tall in the trend arenas and the best thing about them is that they aren’t limited to good old fashioned suit piece. Let’s explore how we can style some bow ties to suit our wardrobes.

#Plain and chic.

Take that plain denim shirt and some black denims and you are good to go.

plain bow ties

#GO big or GO home.

You will be amazed by the styles and patterns of bow ties out there. Try teaming it with sexy white.

bow ties with White

#Madhatter way

Eye catching colours, polka dots, floral designs will sure make you stand out in the crowd. Grab that black skirt and white shirt to give an amazing backdrop to your bow tie.

Polka dots bow ties

#Accessorize more

Make your bow tie friends with a black hat or may be some suspenders. RAD!

Bow ties with accessories

#Sweater weather 

Nothing says ‘CUTE’ as a bow tie with a sweater and boots. Perfect for a date in cold evenings.

bow ties with Sweaters

#Suit it up

And of course if nothing works follow Barney Stinson and SUIT UP.

Bow ties and Barney Stinson from How I met your Mother

Try to invest in this awesome accessory and give yourself the RAD TAG. After all why should boys have all the fun? *winkwink*

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