Our boss lady, Meghna Saraogi just came back from the hilly city San Francisco, this trip was one of her many achievements in life as she was selected for WEQ AKA Women Entrepreneur Quest which is organised by Anitab.org. “Anita Borg” was the woman behind this organisation and her team is working their best to inspire and motivate women around the world to step foot in technology market where the male dominance has the upper hand. In this competition, Women entrepreneur is selected through a contest and then they are invited to attend an experiential trip to Silicon Valley.

So let’s get to the fun part where we all are keen to know how she managed her looks? Usually what happens is whenever we are travelling, we pack like a hoarder (you never know what you might need). Those morning hunts when we cannot decide what to wear and how to style is a real struggle we all have! Her style is minimalistic yet formal and to get her out of her comfort zone was a task at which Diksha, our in-house stylist did a phenomenal job. She sourced all of her clothes keeping her body structure, her way of dressing in mind and also added few elements of wow which helped her gain some confidence. She made sure that Meghna feels comfortable and confident. This was a week full of events, meetings and of course shopping.

Scroll down to see Meghna Saraogi’s week full of fashionista moments!

 Make way for the BAWSE!


 This look was assembled together to display the power that is inside every woman. Red is the colour which signifies power and strength and this colour gave her a lot of confidence. She chose a red pantsuit from Zara and to balance out the colour she added black and brown wedges from Forever21.

 Laidback! and those serene views 

 Meghna decided to keep the look very minimalistic yet casual. It was her first day in San Francisco so she wanted something which was lowkey. Here, she is wearing a denim Jacket from Forever 21 with a knee-length skirt from Mango and Bag from Guess

 Stepping in with grace and elegance

 She decided to go with a very subtle look as it was a formal event. She went for a maroon The Label Life dress which adds a pop of colour & to add a bit of glitz and glamour she added a designer neck piece. And to complete the  look she added a classic Guess bag and H&M boots. Voila!


How gorgeous are those pants!

 Meghna loves experimenting with different colours, Pastels are really trendy. This outfit as a whole is aimed to be classic and elegant (as you can see!) Here she is wearing a shirt & blazer from Mango, Pants are from Zara (Wait and scroll down first as they are still available) and Necklace from Accessorize.

This is called effortless fashion!

Meghna’s style is very toned-down as she prefers keeping it very minimal but stylish. Here she chose these comfy flared paints from Zara which gives a little bit of drama with Shrug& Top from H&m.

Making her way up!

Meghna wanted to wear a different trend every day and this is one of those versatile trends which you can wear for any occasion whatsoever. This trench coat dress from Zara is very contemporary and suits her body structure well. To add a bit of an edge she paired them with H&M boots and her Guess tote bag.

All of her looks are so fancy yet suits her persona really well. Thanks to our in-house stylists Sejal and Diksha Kedia who worked really hard for her trip to WEQ event. They made sure that every outfit is go-to-go so that she can take few more minutes for herself in her round the clock busy schedule. And if you are confused and sitting between those pile of clothes, We are here for your rescue. Just send us a mail at StyleDotMe and get styled by our in-house stylists. Don’t forget to share your views in the comment section down below. Stay tuned for more such outfit inspirations. Ciao!

Meghna Saraogi



  1. Diksha kedia amazing job!!..loved each n every outfit…n ur way f styling!!…we too r really inspired by the way meghna is carrying herself so beautifully in every style f attires!!…u girls r really gonna rule the world😘🤩

  2. All the different outfits look great . These looks will surely help one to stand out from others. A great article!!

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