20 Bollywood Reactions You Will Relate To If You Love Shopping

Bollywood is so freaking good. Want to express love? Sing a filmy SRK song and your girl is impressed. Planning to surprise your fiancée on valentines eve? Take her to a beautiful exotic dinner place. Want to smash the head of your ex? Learn the gaalis from Kareena in Jab We Met. We can all relate to Bollywood in some way. So, here are some fashion-comedy (fash-com) Bollywood reaction GIF  (inspired from our Bollywood rom-com) that all of us will relate to.

Trust me, this is so us. All the time!


1.When waiting in the line for a Forever 21 trial room.

“When will my chance come?”

bollywood reaction GIF


2. When you find the dress of your dreams, but it’s not your size.

“Why did  I not join the gym before?”

bollywood reaction GIF


3. When you have deep thoughts running in your mind because you can’t decide between two LBDs.

“Somebody, please help.”

bollywood reaction GIF


4. When somebody takes the last piece of a dress you were eyeing.

“Oh no! She took my heart away.”

bollywood reaction GIF


5. When your favorite Steve Madden shoes are on 50% discount, and you can’t believe your eyes.


bollywood reaction GIF


6. When you convince Mommy for money thrice in a month for shopping because the sale is yet not over.

“Momma, only 500 bucks, please?”

bollywood reaction GIF


7. When you did your shopping but just before payment you come across a prettier outfit.

“Aww, you beauty, you are mine.”

bollywood reaction GIF


8. When you are perfectly dressed for your date and you woo your bae.

“I am sexy and I know it. Just sometimes I am too lazy to show it.”

bollywood reaction GIF


9. When you see a girl wearing a wacky outfit and you can’t stop laughing out loud.

“Eeww, where did she shop that from?”

bolywood reaction GIF


10. When you constantly Instagram yourself for being brand conscious and accidentally one of your followers catches you with lots of Sarojini shopping bags.

“Oh! Do I know you?”

bollywood reaction GIF


11. When the tailor shows you various blouse designs but still you are not convinced.

“It is good, but not my type.”

bollywood reaction GIF


12. When vogue runs through your veins and someone not of your level gives you outfit suggestions.

“Great try bro.”

bollywood reaction GIF


13. When you are looking drop dead gorgeous and bae winks at you in front of everyone.

“Stop that, you, cutie.”

bollywood reaction GIF


14. When you try a dream dress and it looks fab on you.

“Gosh! I am the Goddess.”

bollywood reaction GIF


15. When you and your #BFF are twinning perfectly in ethnic.

#WeAreTheBest #BitchesPlease

bollywood reaction GIF


16. When you know you are the best dressed at the party and no one can compete with you.

“I know I am above all. My life is less ordinary.”

bollywood reaction GIF


17. When your sister wants to wear your latest sneakers but you are in no mood to give them.

“They are new. I can’t trust you.”

bollywood reaction GIF


18. When your squad went shopping without you. How could you do this to me?

“I never thought our #SquadGoals were so weak.”

bollywood reaction GIF


19. When you try to figure out which outfits are eligible for the coupon discount while shopping online.

“If I shop for 300 more, I can redeem that coupon. No, wait it should be just 279.”

bollywood reaction GIF


 20. When someone wears the same outfit as yours.

“Shit, Shit! Now what? So embarrassing!”

bollywood reaction GIF


I am sure you must have related to all of these Bollywood reaction GIF. Like Bollywood is so genuine and full of lively expressions.

I cannot get over the 12th and 16th Bollywood reaction GIF at all. It is so me, all the time. Which Bollywood reaction GIF is your super favorite? Share with us.

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