Our Bollywood Celebs are giving us Fashion Lessons! How about you took some too?

Hola people! We at StyleDotMe are in a sarcastic mood today. We love Bollywood and were imagining a hypothetical situation where all our Bollywood celebs are in a Fashion class, and each one of them is giving us fashion lessons. So, we thought to jot down some and spread smiles. We love seeing you all with that smile.

After all, we love seeing you all with that smile. 🙂

1. Alia Bhatt –  the cutest girl whom everyone loves

Fashion Lesson: “Shut the mockery on you with the cutest and the most quirky and fun loving outfits.”

bollywood fashion class



2. Varun Dhawan – the guy who you can hate or love but can’t ignore

Fashion Lesson: “Flaunt your abs and every single outfit with total enthusiasm and leave no heads unturned towards you.”

bollwyood fashion lessons



3. Deepika Padukone – the girl who every guy has hots for

Fashion Lesson: “Have the confidence that it is you who make the outfits look good and you are worth more. It is ALL ABOUT YOU.”

bollywood fashion lessons


4. Ranveer Singh – the naughtiest boy of the class

Fashion Lesson: “Break all the rules. The rules are meant to broken. Fear no fashion police and trust your silhouettes.”

bollywood fashion lessons



5. Priyanka Chopra – the sexiest and the most determined girl

Fashion Lesson: “Own the world as it is yours and put all your efforts in making yourself the best dressed even when you are alone in your house. No in between.”

bollywood fashion lessons


6. Ranbir Kapoor – the heartthrob of the class.

(Uhh. can’t resist this feeling of RK being in my class) 😛

Fashion Lesson: “Just kill with your looks. Just. And everything shall follow.”

bollywood fashion lessons


7. Anushka Sharma – the sporty and bubbly girl, always found chirping

Fashion Lesson: “Go casual and be ultra glamorous even in your sporty looks. You never know when the CAPTAIN is eyeing you.”

bollywood fashion lessons


8. Siddhartha Malhotra – that sexy basketball player.

Fashion Lesson: “Make sure you go effortlessly. Too much stress can be wrong.” (But Sid, can you go shirtless? *Pleaseee*)

bollywood fashion lessons


9. Sonam Kapoor – the monitor of the class

Fashion Theory: “Leave aside the lesson, first bow down to the Queen. And always remember fashion comes first. Life is a runway.”

bollywood fashion lessons


10. Shahid Kapoor – the handsome plus intelligent guy

Fashion Lesson: “Stay focused. No matter what. Be graceful and know what suits your personality.”



We hope you enjoyed this article. Let us know in the comment section what fashion lessons would other Bollywood celebs give. 😀

We’re waitingggg! 😀

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