“She is the type of girl the moon chased and the stars wished for.”

It wasn’t very long ago that we came across a beautiful, delightfully chaotic, chirpy girl. A happy go lucky person when she told us about her StyleDotMe story, we couldn’t stop smiling. It was a special one and something that’s special to us has to be shared with you.

Her friends knew her as the one made of sugar, spice and everything nice but except her friends, she was an enigma to everyone. Time flew until one day when she got a call from her best friend inviting her to her marriage.

She thought of skipping it first for all the hassles that entailed but a slight mention of her college crush coming too made her decide otherwise. Her shyness in college had never given her the courage to go up and speak to him and now that she was a completely changed person, she really wanted to do this. (Of course, he was even more handsome and smarter now!)

As you know, with impressing comes the need to look beautifully unique and charming and our girl was no different. She wanted to look the best and her keenness on wearing some of the big designers (the likes of Manish Arora and Shantanu & Nikhil) posed a big dilemma for her. “She wanted the magic to happen, but did not want to invest in buying the wand.”

best wedding clothes rental websites india

One of the best wedding clothes rental websites India – it is a one place store for all your wedding needs!

Stuck between the shore and deep sea, she started exploring her options and Eureka! www.rentacloset.com came to her rescue. A dynamic store that provides instant gratification in terms of easy rental options for designer outfits, this place is heaven for all the style savvy customers who prefer exclusivity without burning a hole in their pockets. The concept is a perfect fit for all those who fancy something designer every now and then but don’t want to spend too much.

best wedding clothes rental websites india

One of the best wedding clothes rental websites India – Rent A Closet is a blessing in disguise.

Excited about the idea, our new friend went to their store and Voila! It was just like a princess land for her. With so many dazzling options to choose from, she couldn’t help but get confused. No doubt she was a thunderstorm but yet she needed direction. She tried multiple options and every dress made her decision even more difficult. THEY WERE ALL JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!!

One of the best wedding clothes rental websites India – You can choose from a variety of options here.

Completely perplexed about which one to choose, she finally sought StyleDotMe’s help. Calling it her “all time favourite saviour”, she posted her trial room looks on the app. She got some super-cool and super-helpful advice. Not only did the advisors tell her which ones to choose but also gave her some amazing tips to style them too.

One of a kind instant fashion advice apps – StyleDotMe always comes to your rescue!

She decided to take their direction and followed their footsteps. She can’t stop thanking Rent A Closet and us enough since then. Her crush is now officially her boyfriend and she says she couldn’t be happier.


rent a closet

rent a closet

rent a closet

What the girl has to say…

“Concepts like Rent A Closet and StyleDotMe are like a breath of fresh air in the monotony of retail fashion. It is due to stores like Rent a Closet that a girl can live her dream stories in fairy tale outfits without spending too much. Apps like StyleDotMe come to your rescue faster than Superman. Their instant fashion advice is the best one can get. If you want to indulge yourself in some exclusive designer outfits and looking forward to some worthy fashion advice, RENT A CLOSET and STYLEDOTME are what you need in life.”




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