Game of Thrones is one of the most expensive, lavishly produced shows in history. Filming in multiple countries simultaneously, it brings us a fully realized fantasy world for a couple of weeks a year.

One of the major facets of that world is the costuming. For years, the show has slowly built this world’s trends and styles brick by brick, until every corner of both Westeros and Essos had a distinct design aesthetic. For the first five, Michele Clapton helmed this monumental task. And although she took parts of Season 6 off, she came back to design outfits for the finale.

Here are some the best outfits from Game of Thrones

1. Cersei’s Coronation Outfit

Cersei has spent nearly all of her life trying to figure out how to rule the Seven Kingdoms. She’s killed off anyone who stood in her way. Cersei’s also worn a lot of styles over the years, from the looser southron cuts to the regal Lannister red and gold.  Over that time, everyone failed her. And in this time of mourning she wore a black leather gown, which overlays a black and gold embroidered gown, with laser cutouts designed to match the brocade pattern her father always wore.

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2.  Daenerys Targaryen

There are many looks that Dany has rocked but this is one of our favorites.  While we see Mother of Dragons mostly covered in scales, this is one of the exceptions. This 2 piece gown, with a knife-pleated white under skirt  and a round cut out detail on the neckline shows the innocence Daenerys had still left in her in Season 4.

3. Sansa Stark on her Wedding Day

On the night of her wedding to Ramsay Bolton, Sansa wore a gorgeous white gown with a fur shawl—very much in line with her Northern roots. Almost every inch of skin is covered by layers and layers of fabric though, like armor against the union. This is the last time we see Sansa in white, as she adopts black to symbolize the darkness she is surrounded by.

4. Margaery’s Sparrow Queen Gown

The dress Margaery’s died in spoke volumes about how far she’s been forced to go in the name of keeping House Tyrell safe. Although she tried to show her Tyrell loyalty by reverting to wearing its House colors. The gown itself is a brocaded silk so thin it might have been see-through if it wasn’t so dark. The gray chiffon drape is the exact same color as the High Sparrow’s rags.

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5. Khaleesi returns home

The colors of House Targaryen are red and black. Daenerys Targaryen is a leader and her penchant for capes had morphed with a love for stunning regal dresses.  Cut the same as her Meereenese ruler gown, but now in black instead of white, her shoulders bedecked with dragons, the way Cersei’s have always been bedecked with lions, Dany is finally wearing the clothing that announces her to be who she is.

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