All of us love cucumber in our salads as it is refreshing and soothing to our digestive system. But did you know that it has some unknown beauty benefits too! Here are a few reasons that will convince you to use your cool slices of cucumber for a healthy skin, eyes, and hair this summer!

Skin Care

  • Treats open pores and acne

Due to its cooling properties, it can be used a natural toner and helps get rid of oiliness in the skin and leaves you with a glow. If applied regularly then cucumber juice can magically treat all the open pores too!

  • Reduces  tanning and sunburns

It also acts as a natural bleaching product which helps in lightening the skin and get rid of sunburns. Now you know what to use when you run out of your sunscreen lotion.


Eye Care


  • Soothes dark circles

This is something that most of you already knew, right? The reason why it is effective is the antioxidants present in cucumbers which help rejuvenate the skin and give you a relaxing feeling after a long hectic day.

  • Gets rid of puffy eye bags and wrinkles

It controls water retention and tightens the wrinkles, bringing an instant glow to dull skin. So, crush some cucumber juice and soak cotton balls and say goodbye to puffy eyes!


Hair Care


  • Damage repair

Cucumber juice along with egg hair mask is perfect for people struggling with hair fall. It is one of the best and cheapest remedies to condition and repair dull hair without spending too much on hair spa treatments!

  • Promotes stronger hair growth

The natural ingredients strengthen the damaged roots of your hair and promote healthy hair growth. You can either drink a glass of fresh cucumber juice or rinse your hair with the juice and water!


We are definitely going to save a few slices of cool cucumber before making a healthy salad and incorporate it into our beauty regime for healthy skin and hair! Will you? If you wish to know more home remedies then check out the StyleDotMe Discover page.


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