Vaishnavi Srinivasan


Late runners!! Here’s your minimal wardrobe essentials

“Oh no!! It’s already 8 A.M and I have an important meeting to attend today!! God, I have nothing to wear!!”. Well, we all can relate to such scenarios, right? Don’t you worry, cos here are some of the minimal wardrobe essentials, with can be styled in multiple ways and is a saviour for all the late runners out there. 🙂 LBD: When you have a meeting and party to attend on the same day, the little black dress comes in handy. You can wear them during the day by pairing it with a stiletto for a formal look. For the evening look, let your hair loose, put on your red lipstick and you are good to go. White sneakers: This is such an essential as they go on with almost everything. It can range from jeans and a top to dresses to skirts and what not. Pair it with…

Discovering the essence of Japanese beauty

I have been living in Japan for quite some time and have been admiring the beauty of the Japanese women. They have flawless and radiant skin. Wondering what would be the secret to such even toned skin, I interacted and found out that they use very simple techniques. Japanese food culture is one of the best in the world, as it consists lots of proteins and fibre. They are very important in maintaining the skin quality and the essence of Japanese beauty. Among them, rice water and green tea play a very important role in maintaining skin quality. Rice water: The leftover water after rinsing the rice (preferably Japanese or Basmati rice) is not wasted by the Japanese and is preserved for beauty usage. The rice water can be cooled to ice cubes, which you can gently rub on a freshly washed face using a cloth. This gives you instant…